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Ocean City Project to Reconstruct Areas of Boardwalk

From strollers to bicyclists to runners, the Boardwalk has a lot of traffic and needs routine maintenance.


The Ocean City Boardwalk is a centerpiece of the resort, a gem that is a popular attraction enjoyed by countless visitors and tourists throughout the year.

And because the famous 2.5-mile walkway gets so much use for shopping, strolling, biking, jogging and getting on and off the beach, it needs continued maintenance, replacement of boards and repairs to keep it a showpiece.

On Thursday morning, City Council will vote on a resolution to award a $48,000 professional services contract to Czar Engineering LLC for surveying, structural engineering and project management services for Boardwalk reconstruction from St. James to Fifth Street.

Mayor Jay Gillian spoke of Ocean City receiving a $4.8 million grant through the state’s Boardwalk Preservation Fund in a statement on Feb. 23.

New boards are in place at the entrance to the Ninth Street Boardwalk.

He noted in his statement that the plan would be to make repairs and improve accessibility from St. Charles Place to Fifth Street with the state funds.

“The generous grant will allow us to make repairs to deteriorated substructure near Third Street, improve storm resiliency, and add ADA-compliant ramps,” Gillian said. “The work is designed and will be completed in phases between now and the end of 2026.”

He also highlighted the importance of the Boardwalk to the resort and its residents and visitors.

“Our Boardwalk is one of the things that make Ocean City unique, and it has been the centerpiece of family vacations for generations,” he said. “I’m grateful to the state for investing in this vital part of our economy, and it’s good to know that we’ll be able to continue to keep the boards in great shape while increasing accessibility for all.”

The Boardwalk is Ocean City’s most heavily visited manmade attraction, with shops, amusements, restaurants and other amenities. It spans 2.5 miles from St. James Place to 23rd Street.

Throughout the year, city workers maintain and repair the boards, replacing weathered boards, where needed.

A major Boardwalk reconstruction project was completed in 2018. It resulted in a facelift from Fifth to 12th Streets at a cost of about $10 million. Since then, the city has continued to move south with redecking projects.

Car shows and other events add to the wear and tear of the boards.


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