Ocean City Police Help Colleague With Cancer

Ocean City Police Help Colleague With Cancer

From left, Ocean City Police Lt. Pat Randles, Edie, dispatcher Amber Adoranto's mother, Amber, Capt. Charlie Simonson and Officer Randy Clark stand in front of the Ocean View home as workers install a new roof.


Ocean City Police Department 911 dispatcher Amber Adoranto had a little surprise visit from her co-workers Monday morning, as well as a construction crew to install a new roof on her home.

Adoranto, 32, of Ocean View, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

As a 32-year-old mother of two and a 10-year employee of the Ocean City Police Department, her colleagues wanted to do something special to let her know how valuable she is to the department.

“Amber is really a valuable member of the team. We were talking on Wednesday and she said she was planning to use her tax refund to put on a new roof,” Capt. Charlie Simonson explained. “We decided to do something for her.”

And for her young children, Abby and Joey, the crew arriving from Action Creation Roofing at 7:30 a.m. was a special treat, Simonson noted.

“They told the kids that Santa needed a new roof for a smooth landing,” he said with a laugh. “We want to give her as much support as possible.”

Adoranto chatted with her co-workers, mom and friends and said she was so excited and surprised.

“This is incredible,” she said, beaming. “Everyone is amazing to do this for me and my family. I was not expecting all of this.”

In addition to a new roof for the house, the children were treated to a gift bag filled with goodies from the roofing company.

Lt. Pat Randles, a spokesman for the police department, said the gesture by the department was a small token of gratitude for all of Adoranto’s dedication and hard work over the years.

“She helps everyone else,” Randles said of her work as a 911 dispatcher. “We are happy to be able to partner with PBA Local 61 and Action Creation Roofing to help her.”

The work was expected to be completed by the end of the day.

Amber Adoranto receives gifts for her children from members of Action Creation Roofing.

Officer Randy Clark said this is one of his favorite aspects of policing – everyone looks out for one another.

“I think it is amazing. We are one giant family,” Clark said. “Everyone is looking out for each other. We have all come together for a co-worker who needs a little help.”

Adoranto, who still makes it to work three days a week and has three more rounds of chemotherapy to go through, called what her colleagues did for her “incredible.”

She said her goal in life is to set one very important example for her children.

“I want my kids to know that no matter what, you have to keep going,” she said.

Amber Adoranto and Lt. Pat Randles watch the work being done to the roof.