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Ocean City Homeowner Complains About Trash, Gets Results

Dorie Good holds up a bag of trash from a construction project near her home.


Dorie Good went to Thursday’s City Council meeting to talk trash — literally — about litter making its way to her Ocean City neighborhood.

To back up her claim about the situation, she brought a trash bag filled with litter to show city officials that workers at three homes being built at 40th Street and Central Avenue are not doing a good enough job to clean up their construction debris.

Good, whose main residence is in Pennsylvania, enjoys her vacation home in the resort at 40th Street and Asbury Avenue. But lately, the trash that seems to be coming from the three homes under construction has become a real quality-of-life issue.

The company doing the project is Achristavest Developers, which is owned by Ocean City resident Eustace Mita.

The project, by Achristavest Developers, is being built at 40th Street and Central Avenue.

Neither Mita nor a representative from Achristavest Developers could be reached for comment on the matter.

“The litter is a disaster over there,” Good told City Council of the trash emanating from the construction site.

Good’s complaints resulted in action by the city.

Michael Allegretto, aide to Mayor Jay Gillian, said that Vince Bekier, the city’s director of Engineering and Operations, went to the construction site Friday morning.

“Vince went down first thing in the morning and he called the contractor and they were told to clean it up,” Allegretto said. “It was supposed to be cleaned up sometime Friday.”

During Thursday’s meeting, Good pulled trash out of a garbage bag during her remarks to Council.

She then handed a piece of litter to Council President Pete Madden.

“I will leave this with you as proof they aren’t doing a good job,” she said of the worksite.

City officials told her during the meeting that city officials would visit the site, as they did Friday.

Wrapping up her remarks about the trash, Good said, “It’s disgusting. That’s all I have to say.”

Homeowner Dorie Good hands the bag of trash to Council President Pete Madden.