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Ocean City Businesses Thank Veterans on Saturday November 11th

Ready's Coffee Shop and Restaurant is located on 8th street between Asbury Ave. and Central Ave. at 415 E 8th St.

By Andrew DeCredico

In Ocean City, Veterans Day is a day where the heroes past and present are remembered for the sacrifices they made and the price they paid for all that we take for granted in our every day lives. Each year businesses and citizens like to give a big ‘thank you’ to these heroes. Often times they are in the form of services, discounts, or even something as simple as saying “thank you for your service.”

Two years ago a customer came into Ready’s Coffee Shop & Restaurant and offered to buy 2 eggs with a coffee for any veterans who came in on Veteran’s Day.  Doug Wing, the owner of Ready’s, thought this was a fantastic way to give back to veterans, and offered to split the cost of their meals with her.

Last year, Ready’s decided to front the bill themselves.  Doug takes pride in thanking the veterans and this year they will be doing it again. On Saturday November 11th any veterans that come to Ready’s Coffee Shop and asks for the “Veterans Day deal”, will receive a two egg breakfast with a coffee, on the house.  “I’ve always felt Ready’s is the hometown breakfast joint,” Said Wing, “so it just seemed like the right thing to do, to give back to our veterans.”

A busy Doug Wing is enjoying some coffee on a quick break

Clearly, other businesses in town agree and are offering their services to veterans as well. Brian Coggins, owner of Car Caress located just behind the CVS on 16th street, is offering veterans a free carwash at his business. Members of the military, both past and present, will be able to come have their car washed for free “We’re just trying to give back.” Said Coggins. “They’re the reason we’re here doing what we’re doing.”

Car Caress is located just behind the 16th Street CVS at 1635 Haven Ave.

Another business that is giving back is Johnson’s Popcorn.  They are offering veterans a free 10 oz bucket of popcorn.  Johnson’s has a reputation for giving to veterans and active service personnel year round . They have been known to ship out popcorn buckets to platoons over seas, and help out in a variety of ways with veteran organizations throughout the year.

Johnson’s Popcorn is located between 13th and 14th Streets on the boardwalk.

If veterans like pizza, then Manco & Manco’s is the place for them this Saturday. On November 11th veterans can get 50% off all of Manco & Manco’s tasty eats. Although they are best known for pizza, the 9th street location of Manco & Manco’s also serves wings, tenders, and some tasty fries.

Manco & Manco’s Pizza is located on 9th Street at the boardwalk

On Saturday November 11th don’t forget to thank any veterans you meet. Without them  our country would be a very different place. Our veterans have risked their lives helping win wars and keep peace all over the world.

Before you leave the house in the morning, make it your day’s goal to thank all the service members you see.  We should be thanking them everyday, but on November 11th, please make it a top priority.

So far, this Veterans day in Ocean City is shaping up nicely.  The men and woman who have served or are serving will have the opportunity to start their day with a great breakfast, then get their car washed, head over and have a tasty lunch, and then will get something sweet for desert.

If your business is making an effort to thank veterans on November 11th and you would us to add you to this article, just email: mike@ocnjdaily.com and we will get the word out.

God bless America.