Manco & Manco Brings Boardwalk Flavor to the Ballpark

Manco & Manco Brings Boardwalk Flavor to the Ballpark

Manco & Manco matriarch Kay Manco, who is celebrating her 83rd birthday, is joined at the Phillies ceremony by her daughter, Mary, and son-in-law Chuck Bangle, co-owners of the iconic Ocean City pizzeria.


During an opening week public relations event at Citizens Bank Park, the Philadelphia Phillies announced the opening of an Ocean City favorite, Manco & Manco Pizza, in Ashburn Alley this season.

Ashburn Alley is an open concession concourse located behind center field.

The master of ceremonies of the event, Phillies radio broadcaster Scott Franzke, told the crowd that Citizens Bank Park was named “Best Food in Baseball” in 2021 by the Major League Baseball Network.

He noted that Citizens Bank Park is improving its food lineup, much as the Phillies have improved their hitting lineup with the off-season additions of Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber, among others.

Ocean City food aficionados have always known that Manco & Manco is in the major leagues of pizza and now the Phillies fans will have the same great culinary experience.

Manco & Manco will be the first ever New Jersey Shore brand concessioner in a major Philadelphia sports arena.

Customers line up in 2021 for their favorite slice of pizza at Manco & Manco on the Boardwalk.

“We are honored and privileged to be part of the Philadelphia Phillies experience,” said Chuck Bangle, co-owner of Manco & Manco along with his wife Mary and Manco & Manco matriarch Kay Manco.

“We’ve been looking for a stadium deal for a long time. This just felt right,” Bangle added. “We are going to represent Ocean City and shine a great light on our great town.”

The Phillies and Aramark, the stadium concession managers, clearly agreed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about an incoming vendor than I do about Manco & Manco,” said Kevin Tedesco, general manager of Aramark at Citizens Bank Park.

The event highlighted three new vendors at the park: Klyr Rum, Colbies Southern Kissed Chicken, co-owned by former Phillie Ryan “The Big Piece” Howard, and Manco & Manco.

Boxes of Manco & Manco pizza are showcased during the Phillies announcement.

Longtime Manco & Manco manager Chris Mazzitelli was on also hand for the announcement.

“We’re very excited to be here and we’re focused on maintaining the quality product that our customers have come to expect. We want people in the stadium to feel like they’re standing on the Boardwalk,” Mazzitelli said.

The festive event was capped by an 83rd birthday celebration for Kay Manco, which included a Phillies-themed cake and Happy Birthday song led by Ryan Howard and Phillies Ambassadors Mickey Morandini and Milt Thompson.

The Phillies open the 2022 season at home on Friday at 3:05 p.m. against the Oakland A’s. Manco & Manco will be open for all Phillies home games, as well as all events hosted by Citizens Bank Park.