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Look to Long & Foster for Premier Vacation Getaways

Conveniently located just off the Route 52 Causeway, Long & Foster has skilled staff to help vacationers with their rental destination needs.


The chill in the air is a sign. It is time to book a summer vacation rental. Long & Foster in Ocean City is urging renters to select their favorite spots now, before others make your perfect getaway their perfect getaway.

Whether the desire is to sip cool drinks while lounging on the beaches in Ocean City or go hiking in the mountains of West Virginia, there are rentals available through Long & Foster.

“People who wait until February, March or April are going to be on the outside looking in,” said Kevin Redmond, managing broker of Long & Foster’s Ninth Street office. “I would encourage people, especially now, to book earlier and earlier.”

Redmond noted that people can just simply book online after searching the Long & Foster website for their vacation condo, home or duplex. With just a few clicks, the retreat will be ready when you are at https://www.longandfoster.com/.

This home at 4941 Central Ave. in Ocean City is among the rental properties available through Long & Foster.

“We urge people to book early using our website,” Redmond said, pointing out that Long & Foster makes it easy to navigate the many listings. “It makes things really convenient. The internet is such a vital part of our bookings.”

Customers are definitely booking their vacation trips online. The proof is in the numbers.

“Ninety-percent of the people who book vacation rentals are not coming down to see the properties before then,” Redmond said.

Redmond’s office is located on the gateway into Ocean City at 14 E. Ninth Street on the right-hand side just over the Route 52 Causeway bridge entering town.

For vacationers who would like to come in to book their trips in person, they can do so at Long & Foster.

Booking vacation getaways on Long & Foster’s website is easy and convenient.

Highly trained rental agents are at Long & Foster to assist in the selection of the ideal place to call home while on vacation.

In urging vacationers to book early, Redmond pointed out that Long & Foster’s summer rentals are already up 25 percent over last year, and last year was a record for booking rental properties.

Long & Foster also emphasizes that customers can use their credit cards to pay for rentals instead of paying by check or cash.

“We are at the forefront,” he said of vacationers being allowed to pay by credit card for their rentals through Long & Foster.

Long & Foster offers a host of properties for sale and for rent.

While Ocean City is a premier location for summer getaways, vacationers who would like some scenic mountain tours or a trip to, say, Maryland or Delaware’s beaches, can also look to Long & Foster.

“We are such a big company. We have what I would call a wide reach,” Redmond said.

Long & Foster is based in Chantilly, Va. Redmond said that the company serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

For more information, visit Long & Foster at 14th E. Ninth Street or call 609-398-6762 or go online at https://www.longandfoster.com/.