Ocean City Record Flood Levels

Ocean City Record Flood Levels

[table caption=”Ocean City Record Flood Levels” width=”900″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Date,Storm Name,NAVD1988,MLW,NGVD1929,Notes

10/29/12,Superstorm Sandy,7.25,10.02,8.50,Hybrid Cat 1 hurricane/winter storm makes landfall 12 miles north of O.C. on full-moon tide. 6.72 inches of rain in Beesley’s Point. Top O.C. wind gust 70.2 mph. But calm winds in eye of storm spare O.C. during highest tide.
9/15/44,1944 Hurricane,6.65,9.42,7.90,Cat 2 hurricane destroys Jersey Shore on way to landfall on Long Island.
3/6/62 to 3/8/62,Storm of ‘62,6.35,9.12,7.60,Three-day nor’easter batters Ocean City with 25-foot seas and 80+ mph winds.
12/11/92,December ’92 Nor’easter,6.23,9.00,7.48,Slow-moving nor’easter with 80 mph winds caused the most flooding since the Storm of ’62.
10/31/91,The Perfect Storm,6.00,8.77,7.25,Author Sebastian Junger dubbed the merger of Hurricane Grace and a massive nor’easter “The Perfect Storm.” It destroyed parts of the boardwalk in Ocean City.
9/27/85,Hurricane Gloria,5.75,8.52,7.00,Cat 1 hurricane hits the Outer Banks then Long Island
1/23/16,January 2016 Nor’easter,5.69,8.46,6.94,Powerful coastal storm coincides with full moon. Winds top out at 66 mph. The 8.46 tide was followed by two more at 7.7 feet and 7.34 feet.
11/11/09 to 11/14/09, November 2009 Nor’easter,5.25,8.02,6.50,Three-day nor’easter levels dunes at the north end of the island

[table caption=”2014-2016 Storms” width=”900″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left|left”]
Date,Storm Name,NAVD1988,MLW,Rainfall,Wind,Notes
1/10/16,New Moon Rainstorm,4.29,7.06,0.80,41,New moon coincides with heavy rain in unpredicted flooding
10/2/15,October 2015 Storm,4.58,7.35,0.53,47,Northeast gale pushes water into the back bays over the course of several days. 5 high tide cycles flood streets.
12/9/14,December 2014 Nor’easter,4.52,7.29,2.08,36,Flooding from a winter nor’easter closed Ocean City schools — but heavy overnight rain stopped before morning high tide.
1/27/15,Winter Storm Juno,3.81,6.58,0.25,25,Much-hyped winter storm passed farther out to sea than originally predicted.


Note: List of historical storms is not complete.