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The HERO Campaign Launches a New Initiative


The John R. Elliott HERO Campaign is taking its efforts to prevent drunk driving to a new level with the launch of its HERO Bar and Tavern program this summer.

The campaign, which promotes the use of safe and sober designated drivers to prevent drunk driving tragedies, is recruiting bars and taverns along the Jersey Shore and throughout the region to provide free soft drinks to designated drivers displaying a HERO Campaign membership card.

The non-profit HERO Campaign is partnering with the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association and its hundreds of bar owners to promote the free HERO card, which can be downloaded to a smartphone from the HERO Campaign website at www.herocampaign.org.  The card is available to all who take the “HERO Pledge” to be safe non-drinking designated drivers for their friends and family.

Bar, tavern and restaurant owners also can register on the HERO website, where they will be included on the list of HERO establishments offering free soft drinks to designated drivers.

“The Bar and Tavern program is an important initiative of the HERO Campaign as we promote and recognize designated drivers for helping us save lives by preventing drunk driving,” noted HERO Campaign Chairman and CEO Bill Elliott, John Elliott’s father.

It’s all part of the HERO Campaign’s efforts to register 100,000 HEROES to provide safe rides for those who have been drinking alcoholic beverages at bars and clubs, weddings, and sports stadiums throughout the Delaware Valley.

Bar Patrons

The HERO Campaign is dedicated to the memory of Navy Ensign John Elliott of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., who graduated from the United States Naval Academy in May, 2000 and was killed by a drunk driver two months later as the 22-year-old naval officer was travelling to his home at the Jersey Shore for his mother’s birthday celebration.  The campaign is headquartered at Stockton University in Galloway Township, N.J.