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Council Roundup: No Jumping From Bridges, More Road Projects

Russ Chattin Bridge at the southern end of Ocean City, NJ, near Corson’s Inlet State Park.

City Council in Ocean City voted Thursday to spend $5 million on bayside dredging, but here are a handful of other items that might be of interest:

  • No Jumping From Bridges: City Council unanimously approved an ordinance making it unlawful to jump from any bridge within the city limits (a tool Ocean City police currently do not have). The practice apparently is more a problem on the Russ Chattin Bridge near Corson’s Inlet State Park. Mayor Jay Gillian said there are dangers from tidal currents and boat/personal watercraft traffic, in addition to the perils of jumping into unknown waters. Councilman Keith Hartzell suggested adding bayside fishing piers and the boardwalk to the ordinance (an amendment that would have to be included in a separate measure, according to City Solicitor Dorothy McCrosson). Another amendment would allow police to claim as abandoned any bicycle left unmoved on public property for more than 7 days. A second reading is scheduled for Feb. 12. (See full text of ordinance in agenda packet below.)
  • Newest Road Improvements: City Council voted unanimously to seek bids on another phase of road improvements, including: 10th Street (from Bay Avenue to the bay), Palen Avenue (from 10th Street to the little feeder road next to the Ninth Street Bridge); West Inlet Road (from Battersea to Crescent); East Inlet Road (from Gardens Parkway to East Atlantic Blvd.); West Atlantic Boulevard (from West Inlet Road to Gardens Parkway); Bridge Boulevard (from West Atlantic to Gardens Parkway); Crescent Road (from West Inlet Road to Gardens Parkway); Landing Road (from Crescent to the bay); West Surf Road (from West Inlet to Wesley Road); and East Surf Road (from Wesley Road to E. Atlantic Blvd.). Read more: New Pavement and New Routes on the North End.
  • Changes to Hospitality Zone: City Council passed the first reading of an amended ordinance that makes minor changes to the sections related to one-family and two-family residences. The changes make the language of the ordinance “a little less unwieldy,” according to City Solicitor Dorothy McCrosson. (See agenda packet below for full text and documentation.)
  • Ice-Cream Vendors: City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance that: reduces the number of bicycle-cart licenses from 20 to 12; allows one vendor to bid on all 12 licenses; changes hours of operation to 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (from 10 a.m. to sunset); raises minimum bids from truck vendors from $1,500 to $2,000; and prohibits more than one vendor from selling at the same street end at the same time. A second reading of the ordinance is scheduled for Feb. 12.
  • Resurface Track at Carey Stadium: Council voted to approve a $577,350 contract with All Surface Asphalt Paving of Point Pleasant to improve drainage and resurface the track at Carey Field adjacent to Ocean City High School. A plan to install an artificial turf field has been temporarily abandoned.

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