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Common Pests You Will Find This Summer

Wasps are a common pest, and their sting is extremely painful.

Summertime is bug time here in New Jersey. Learn about your bug enemies and protect yourself from swarms of summer pests that sting, bite and foul up the place.

Carpenter Bees:

Carpenter bees live in pairs, not large colonies like honeybees. However, they will pollinate garden flowers just the same. The females compromise the strength of wooden structures by burrowing deep in them to build nests while males guard outside.

Varnish or paint your wood to keep these bees from burrowing and threatening the supports. They prefer the unpainted, weathered wood, especially softer varieties. Block off gaps or openings with caulking or wire in the eaves around your house to prevent them from entering (also works for the stinging pests below).

Wasps, Honeybees and Hornets:

Wasps and hornets keep other pest populations in check, and bees pollinate flowers. However, their stings are extremely painful – and possibly deadly for those with bee sting allergies.

Eliminate places for these pests to nest, and your house becomes a less viable spot for them to call home. Remove old vehicles and yard waste or debris to give them fewer places to nest. Block off gaps or openings.

Use appropriate screens on vents to your attic, crawl space, chimneys and under your deck. Add wire mesh on these same vents to keep out other pests like rodents.

Carpenter ants are another common household problem that can be destructive. (Photo courtesy of Superior Pest Solutions)


Pavement ants, nature’s clean-up crew, transfer bacteria wherever they walk. Carpenter ants not only bite but destroy property by burrowing through wood.

Store all food, for you and your pets, in secure containers both outside and inside your house. Clean all pet food bags, bowls and feeding areas to avoid drawing attention from ants, cockroaches and flies.

Clean food residue off your garbage and recycling bins so they don’t attract pests.

Weather strip your doors and windows to prevent creatures from simply crawling through the opening. Check and repair screens on windows and doors.

These precautions work equally well on termites. Though most will have swarmed by summer, they may still try to build mud tubes to get at the wood in your walls.

Extra Tip:

Mow your lawn so ticks and spiders have fewer places to lurk. They love tall grass.

Contact a Professional:

Pest removal can be potentially hazardous to your health. You don’t have to fight the pests alone. Get in touch with Superior Pest Solutions and enjoy a proper, pest-free summer.

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