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Cape Assist Appeals to Local Lawmakers to Consider the Impact of Possible Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use



Cape Assist & the Cape May County Healthy Community Coalition sent out an urgent appeal to local legislators and stakeholders to consider a number of local regulations that can be put in place should marijuana become legalized for recreational use. The letter was sent to the Senator, Assemblymen, Freeholders, Mayors, Council members, Chiefs of Police, Business Administrators, Prosecutor, Chamber of Commerce members, and Zoning Board members of each municipality in Cape May County.

“Cape Assist is dedicated to preventing substance abuse and promoting health & wellness in our communities,” said Cape Assist Executive Director, Katie Faldetta, “We know that legalizing recreational marijuana in other states has led to an increase in traffic fatalities, hospital admissions for marijuana ingestion and an increase in youth drug use. The letters sent urge our fellow community members to have a conversation about what they want for their town. We want every municipality to discuss the potential ramifications of marijuana legalization for recreational use in their town and decide what is right for their community.”

The letter urges policy makers to consider the impact on communities and provides suggestions for policies and ordinances on a local level that could help prevent or reduce harm if recreational marijuana becomes legal in NJ. These suggestions include a moratorium on retail marijuana establishments, zoning restrictions, and many other regulations and ideas borrowed from local governments of other states where marijuana has been legalized.

“We understand the complexity of the issue and the financial appeal, however, our concern is to reduce the harmful impact and prevent youth and problem use of cannabis in our communities,” said Natalia Wilber, CMC Healthy Community Coalition Coordinator, “We care about the health and welfare of our county and its residents and would like to let them and legislators know that they can reach out to us at any time regarding research, raising awareness, training and any other questions about the issue of recreational marijuana and other drugs”.

If you would like to express your concerns, please contact your local elected officials. For more information, contact Cape Assist at (609) 522-5960, visit capeassist.org or like us on Facebook.

The Cape May County Healthy Community Coalition is a community-based initiative of Cape Assist.

The Cape Assist organization is a non-profit agency, dedicated to servicing Cape May County for over 30 years. Cape Assist promotes health and wellness in the community, implementing research-based services to seniors, schools, businesses, and organizations, all structured to enrich families and build healthy communities. 609-522-5960. www.capeassist.org 3819 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260