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Best Tips to Celebrate and Support Thai Fathers from Afar


Being away from your loved ones can be such a challenge, especially when important events such as Father’s Day are around the corner. Not being able to practically hug your father and tell them how they have inspired or helped you in life can be heart-wrenching. 

While you may not be able to visit Thailand and hug your father on this Father’s Day, that does not mean you cannot show them appreciation. Several ways can allow you to get closer to your father and show them appreciation this Father’s Day.

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate and support your Thai father from afar.

Pay Them a Visit

What is a better opportunity than Father’s Day to surprise your father with an unannounced visit? You can allocate a part of your remittance to meet your father and spend some quality time together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you simply showed up on their doorstep to celebrate such an important event?

Whether you visit for a few days to make them meals every day or plan a camping trip with them, it is your effort that counts. These shared experiences strengthen bonds and create cherished memories that last forever.

Convince them for Skills Development

If your father has been complaining about being lonely or bored for some time, you can try to convince them to further their education or develop a new skill. An activity well-suited to their interests can keep them busy and uplift their mood when you are away.

Always remember that learning does not stop with age. Hence, you do not have to hold back from investing in your father’s education or skills development. In fact, it is one of the best ways to show them you care for their interests and support the things they love.

Look into Their Technological Needs

Technology has become an essential part of everyone’s life. If you think that your father has been struggling due to old technological devices, you must consider upgrading their gadgets to make their day to day life easier.

You can use a USD to THB converter to see the devices you can afford to buy for your father locally in Thailand. Make sure that you also consider any special deals that may be active for Father’s Day in Thailand. These deals may offer you discounts for tech gear bought for Father’s Day.

Plan a Virtual Celebration 

Just because you are unable to hug your father this Father’s Day practically does not mean that there is no other way for you to show them that you care for them. Instead of letting the distance be a problem, you can easily plan a virtual celebration.

You can video call your father to tell them how much you love them and talk about the great memories you have made together. Make sure to include your siblings, mother, and other relatives in your celebration for your father to remember it forever.