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Bergman, Madden and Polcini Seek Your Support in Council Election

From left, City Council member-elect Tony Polcini, Councilwoman Karen Bergman and Councilman Pete Madden.

Dear Neighbors,

We are excited to introduce ourselves to friends new and old and ask for your support in the upcoming Council At Large Election on May 10.

We believe City Council members should get out and meet people, discuss platforms, listen to ideas and keep the city moving forward for all who reside in and visit this great town. We look forward to doing just that in the coming weeks.

As the catering director at Flanders, I, Karen Bergman, have been privy to countless happy moments and memories in people’s lives. Sharing in that joy is one of the reasons I am seeking re-election to Council – to continue being a commonsense voice who is accessible to constituents and puts the needs of the people first.

I have been a female voice on Council for a collective 11 years, always focusing on common sense and an approachability for the people I serve. During my time on Council, I have been proud to support initiatives by the mayor that include improvements to the Boardwalk and flood mitigation.

The Boardwalk improvements, both ahead of schedule and under budget, not only benefited the Boardwalk business owners, but also the visitors in town that help keep Ocean City a great place to live and visit. The administration I have been privileged to be a part of has also taken steps to help with the flooding in town, adding pumping stations throughout the island to improve the quality of life.

Living here my entire life, I, Tony Polcini, have loved watching the town hold onto its rich traditions and history. Putting family first in all that it does is exactly what I intend to do on Council. Put family first – not just my own, but all of yours, to keep Ocean City a place for visitors and residents alike to continue calling Ocean City home for years to come.

I may not have the experience on my resume as some of the other candidates have, but I am not running to be a politician. I am running to be a voice of the people. As a former business owner here in town at Tony P’s House of Pies on the Boardwalk, I have seen firsthand how important the people of this town are to the vibrancy and success of Ocean City.

And I have seen how over the past few years, the unity that makes this place so special has started to stretch thin. I am hopeful that a new voice, rooted in community and tradition, can help return us to a more unified time and continue the forward momentum the mayor has sustained over the past 12 years.

I, Pete Madden, have been fortunate enough to sell real estate over the past 17 years here.  Whether buying or selling or investing, it’s the relationships I have formed that have fueled my desire for another term on City Council. Putting the community first, as we continue to move forward, is vital to the success of this town, both fiscally and culturally.

Having the privilege to serve on Council for the past eight years, I have seen firsthand the great work of the mayor and the Council to create positive change in the town we love to call home.  As a father of four, the recreation opportunities in this town are second to none and the improvements made to the facilities help foster that.

New pickleball courts, a turf field at Carey Stadium and renovations to the civic center have been key projects I am proud to have been a part of. The administration has also done an excellent job with back bay dredging, allowing navigation of the lagoons and waterways for bayfront homeowners and avid boaters. These opportunities would not have been possible without the tireless work of the mayor and Council to cut through red tape for permitting.

With the experience we (Karen and Pete) bring and the fresh perspective that I (Tony) bring, we are looking forward to continuing the success the current administration has demonstrated.  From dredging the back bays, improvements on the Boardwalk, keeping taxes low and improvements in recreation programs and areas, we are proud of the work we have been a part of.

The three of us come from different backgrounds with unique experiences that create varying perspectives on a variety of topics. But we all agree that there is no better place to call home than Ocean City. We have a strong desire to foster that sense of home through our work on Council at Large to do what is needed to put you, the people, first and foremost in the decision-making process.

We respectfully ask for your vote on May 10, allowing us the opportunity to keep putting you, the people, over politics.

Karen Bergman, Tony Polcini and Pete Madden

Paid for by the campaign of Karen Bergman, Pete Madden and Tony Polcini