Gillian Far Outspending Price in Race for Ocean City Mayor

Gillian Far Outspending Price in Race for Ocean City Mayor


Incumbent Mayor Jay Gillian has spent almost three times as much as his opponent in his campaign for a second term in office, according to campaign finance reports released Thursday.

Gillian’s has spent $23,989.15 between the start of his campaign and a reporting deadline 11 days before the election. In the same period, challenger Ed Price spent $8,920.

The Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) 11-day pre-election reports were due May 2 and released on May 8. The reports give the public a glimpse of campaign contributors and campaign expenses. New Jersey’s ELEC was formed in 1973 to make elections more transparent.

In the race for Ocean City mayor, the only outside donation Gillian has accepted is from his father, former Mayor Roy Gillian, who contributed $10,000. Jay Gillian made a $25,000 donation to himself. (See “Price Accuses Gillian of Campaign Contribution Violation.”)

Price has collected a total of $15,345, much of it in monetary contributions of $300 or less, the threshold for reporting the names of donors.

Of the five candidates for three at-large seats on City Council, only two expect to spend more than $4,500 on the campaign. Pete Madden has received more than $12,000 in contributions. Incumbent Councilman Keith Hartzell has contributions of $16,591.20.

Incumbent Councilman Michael Allegretto and first-time candidates Mike Hyson and Eric Sauder declared that they intend to spend less than $4,500 on the campaign, which limits the reporting requirements.

Candidates still must report when they receive a single contribution greater than $300, any cash contribution, or a collection of contributions from the same source greater than $1,400. They also must report when they spend more than $1,400 on any single expense.

The next mandatory reporting date is for 20-day post-election reports, which will be released to the public on June 9. See story on the ELEC 29-day pre-election reports.

See detail on each candidate below.



Jay A. Gillian

  • Committee: The Committee to Re-Elect Jay A. Gillian Mayor is chaired by Andrew J. Fasy. Janet D. Galante is treasurer.
  • Contributions: Gillian made a $25,000 contribution to his own campaign. Roy Gillian donated $10,000.
  • Expenses: He spent $16,926 in the reporting period. Gillian’s biggest expenses were $4,002 for signs from MC Sign and $8,524 to Jamestown Associates of Princeton for general consulting, creative design and printing.
  • Balance: Gillian has an $11,011 balance in campaign coffers.

Ed Price

  • Committee: Elect Ed Price Mayor is chaired by Edwin Sheppard. Donna Breeden is treasurer.
  • Contributions: Price has received $15,345 in contributions, including a cumulative $8,072 in contributions of $300 or less. Jim Ginn of made a $1,475 in-kind contribution of a billboard display on the 34th Street causeway.
  • Expenses: He has spent $8,920, including $6,255 during the reporting period. His biggest expenses went to the Ocean City Sentinel ($2,189) for advertising and to Edmunds Direct Mail $2,591) for a direct mail piece.
  • Balance: Price has an $4,227 balance in campaign coffers.



Michael J. Allegretto

  • Committee: Allegretto for Council is chaired by Michael Allegretto, and he also serves as his own treasurer.
  • Contributions: Allegretto contributed $1,000 to his own campaign.
  • Expenses: Allegretto declared that his campaign expenses will not exceed $4,500.

Keith Hartzell

  • Committee: Hartzell for Council includes Joseph A. Somerville as treasurer.
  • Contributions: Hartzell reports a total of $16,591 in contributions during the campaign. The biggest contributors include: Edward B. Vaughn (Vaughn Insurance Agency), $1,000; Scott Simpson (Playland), $1,000; Jill and Paul Levchuk (Jilly’s Arcade), $1,000; and Steven Howard (HQ Investments), $1,000. Hartzell has contributed an aggregate of $3,133 to himself.
  • Expenses: Hartzell has spent $4,512 on the campaign with his biggest expenses going to MC Signs ($1,517) and to Mountain Top Media of Sparta for media consultation ($987).
  • Balance: Hartzell has a balance of $12,079 in his campaign coffers.

Michael Hyson

  • Committee: Hyson for City Council is chaired by Bonnie Hyson. Hyson serves as his own treasurer.
  • Contributions: Hyson contributed $500 to his own campaign. James Scanlon pitched in another $100.
  • Expenses: Hyson declared that his campaign expenses will not exceed $4,500.

Peter V. Madden

  • Committee: Madden for Council At Large is chaired by Peter V. Madden. He also serves as his own treasurer.
  • Contributions: Madden reported receiving $7,955.58 in contributions on his 29-day pre-election report and another $2,500 on his 11-day report. New contributors included the Cooper Levinson law firm of Atlantic City ($2,000) and Alana Klebaur of Petersburg ($500). An amended report provided by Madden and filed with ELEC on Thursday (but not yet posted) lists cumulative donations of  $12,404.58 and donations in the reporting period of  $4,199. They include $1,699 in contributions of $300 or less.
  • Expenses: Madden spent $1,896.58 for yard signs from MC Signs. He paid for advertising in the Ocean City Sentinel and Gazette, and he spent $822.40 on a mailing. He reported no new expenses on the report currently filed with ELEC. The amended report lists $2,421 in expenses for the period, including $1,388 to Edmund’s Direct Mail. The amended report lists a cumulative total of $8,977 in expenses for the campaign.
  • Balance: Madden reports a remaining campaign balance of $3,427.88.

Eric Sauder

  • Committee: Eric Sauder for Council At Large is chaired by W.D. Hartranft, who also serves as treasurer.
  • Contributions: Sauder received a $500 donation from retired City Councilman Roy Wagner.
  • Expenses: Sauder declared that his campaign expenses will not exceed $4,500.


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