Reports Show Little Outside Influence in Ocean City Election

Reports Show Little Outside Influence in Ocean City Election


Mandatory reports on campaign finances for the May 13 municipal election in Ocean City were released to the public at 10 a.m. Monday (April 21), and the documents show an election that is largely self-funded and free of influence from interest groups.

In the race for Ocean City mayor, incumbent Jay Gillian has accepted no outside donations and has the biggest war chest. He made a $25,000 donation to himself. His challenger, Ed Price, has collected $8,721 in contributions with more than $2,000 of it from himself.

Gillian has outspent Price, $7,063 to $4,863, in relatively low-cost campaigns to date.

Of the five candidates for three at-large seats on City Council, only one expects to spend more than $4,500 on the campaign. Pete Madden has received just under $8,000 in contributions.

The Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) 29-day pre-election reports were due last Monday (April 14) and released a week later.

The reports give the public a glimpse of campaign contributors and campaign expenses. New Jersey’s ELEC was formed in 1973 to make elections more transparent.

Several candidates declared that they intended to spend less than $4,500 on the campaign, which limits the reporting requirements. Candidates still must report when they receive a single contribution greater than $300, any cash contribution, or a collection of contributions from the same source greater than $1,400. They also must report when they spend more than $1,400 on any single expense.

See detail on each candidate below.


Jay A. Gillian

  • Committee: The Committee to Re-Elect Jay A. Gillian Mayor is chaired by Andrew J. Fasy. Janet D. Galante is treasurer.
  • Contributions: Gillian made a $25,000 contribution to his own campaign.
  • Expenses: He has spent $7,063.26. Gillian’s biggest expense is $4,499.35 for signs and magnets from MC Signs. He also has spent to advertise in OCNJ Daily and the Ocean City Sentinel.

Ed Price

  • Committee: Elect Ed Price Mayor is chaired by Edwin Sheppard. Donna Breeden is treasurer.
  • Contributions: Price has received $8,721 in contributions. Contributors include: Edwin Sheppard (Home Care Specialists, Inc. of Ocean City), $1,000; and Neil Stackhouse (a Linwood attorney), $2,600. Price received a total of $2,923 in contributions of $300 or less. He received $2,198 in loans from himself.
  • Expenses: He has spent $4,863. He paid Edmunds Direct Mail $2,565 for printing and mailing services. He also spent money on OCNJ Daily advertising and on signs.



Michael J. Allegretto

  • Committee: Allegretto for Council is chaired by Michael Allegretto, and he also serves as his own treasurer.
  • Contributions: Allegretto contributed $1,000 to his own campaign.
  • Expenses: Allegretto declared that his campaign expenses will not exceed $4,500.

Keith Hartzell

  • Committee: Hartzell for Council includes Joseph A. Somerville as treasurer.
  • Contributions: Hartzell made a $1,000 contribution to himself.
  • Expenses: ELEC had not posted a candidate statement on campaign expenses as of Monday morning.

Michael Hyson

  • Committee: Hyson for City Council is chaired by Bonnie Hyson. Hyson serves as his own treasurer.
  • Contributions: Hyson contributed $500 to his own campaign. James Scanlon pitched in another $100.
  • Expenses: Hyson declared that his campaign expenses will not exceed $4,500.

Peter V. Madden

  • Committee: Madden for Council At Large is chaired by Peter V. Madden. He also serves as his own treasurer.
  • Contributions: Madden has received $7,955.58 in contributions. John Capek (HQ Investments of Ocean City) donated $1,000. Mike Croce (Pat Croce and Company) donated $500. Ken Wisnefski (Webimax of Mount Laurel) donated $1,000 (an in-kind contribution for an ad on OCNJ Daily). Madden donated $2,331.58 to his own campaign.
  • Expenses: Madden spent $1,896.58 for yard signs from MC Signs. He paid for advertising in the Ocean City Sentinel and Gazette, and he $822.40 on a mailing.

Eric Sauder

  • Committee: Eric Sauder for Council At Large is chaired by W.D. Hartranft, who also serves as treasurer.
  • Contributions: Sauder received a $500 donation from retired City Councilman Roy Wagner.
  • Expenses: Sauder declared that his campaign expenses will not exceed $4,500.


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