Flowers in Bloom at Show in Ocean City Music Pier

Flowers in Bloom at Show in Ocean City Music Pier

Tara and Alex Ward, of Delaware County, Pa., and their son, Brady, look at some flower show entries.


The Music Pier was transformed this weekend during the 49th annual Ocean City Flower Show, where experts to novices showcased their unique floral designs giving flower lovers plenty to see and enjoy.

On Saturday, day two of the three-day show, Tara and Alex Ward and their 3-year-old son, Brady, of Delaware County, Pa., made a day out of the family-friendly event.

“We are loving it,” Tara said, as the family checked out the different displays. “I have a passion for planting flowers. We have our own garden and Brady enjoys it so much he already has a trowel. He is like our little gardening apprentice.”

The spotlight is on roses at this table.

A display specifically of children’s entries caught Brady’s attention. The theme was “Save the Turtles” complete with potted flowers with miniature toy turtles in some of them.

Brady pointed to one display with a turtle toy in it and smiled.

Alex Ward remarked about the work that went into the displays of not just the children’s section of entries, but all of the in the show.

“The designs are really beautiful,” he said. “All of the participants seemed to do an amazing job.”

The Garden Club of Ocean City organizes the Flower Show each year in the city-run event. There are several categories for artistic design and horticulture.

June in Bloom means class reunions.

This year’s theme was June in Bloom. Some entries focused on graduations, while others were focused on family reunions.

Roses, carnations, daisies, pansies, orchids, plants and even a tall, fuzzy cactus were among the entries displayed in window boxes, on tables and as centerpieces to place settings.

Kay Reilly, co-chair with Kathy Wheatcroft, of the Flower Show subcommittee, spoke of what this year’s theme meant to some of the people she spoke with.

“People commented on the nostalgia that they felt over the theme this year,” Reilly said. “It really is about all activities that happen in June.”

A display in the center of the room featured a banner that hung across the entryway into the area which read, “Reunion.”

This centerpiece evokes nostalgia for the 1970s.

Inside the “reunion” area were table settings specific to different time periods.

There was a 1973 setting that came complete with a bright yellow floral tablecloth, and dishes to match, along with a vibrant orange and yellow floral display in the center.

Onstage a mannequin was “dressed” in a cap and gown for graduation, amid a floral arrangement.

Wheatcroft, like Reilly, commented on the popularity of this year’s theme, and the work that went into the success of the show. She also spoke of how many wonderful pieces were entered this year.

“Even though we have this every year, it is always amazing to see how it turns out,” Wheatcroft said. “No one person can just put this together. It takes everybody and this year, they did just that.”

Taylor Cills, left, of Millville, and Skye Miranda, of Vineland, view a centerpiece.

Taylor Cills, 27, of Millville, and friend, Skye Miranda, 22, of Vineland, browsed the tables and commented on how much fun they were having.

“We like nature and figured we should venture to the shore to see what the flower show was all about,” Cills said. “There are so many great arrangements.”

Miranda added, “We really like the variety of flowers. I never thought certain flowers could be put together so elegantly, but they match well.”

Miranda also liked the theme, which included graduations. She graduated from Temple University this year.

Sisters Edith Espenade, left, and Mary Espenade, both of Columbia, Md., look at floral arrangements with vintage tea cups.

While Cills and Miranda haven’t been to many flower shows, sisters Edith and Mary Espenshade, both of Columbia, Md., make it their tradition.

They traveled to Ocean City specifically for the flower show.

“We just like going to flower shows,” Edith said. “I like the arrangements and the different flowers that are used.”

Mary added, “It is nice to see the variety of flowers here. There is so much to see.”

The Ocean City Flower Show continues Sunday at the Ocean City Music Pier from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This design shows the patriotic spirit.
While this arrangement is small, it is still an eye-catcher.
Organizers Kathy Wheatcroft, left, and Kay Reilly, stand alongside a winning arrangement.
A window box arrangement pops with color.
The “Reunion” room leads to several table displays.
Graduation is part of the theme.
This unusual design gets noticed.