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Tournaments with Huge Prize Pools for Gamers


Gaming tournaments have made online gaming much more exciting and allowed players with advanced skills to parlay their skills into real money. Cash tournaments enable casual gamers to prove themselves by testing their strength against each other or even with friends. Tournaments open up a broad landscape of opportunities that transform the rich experience of playing on the same PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, or PC into real money. Therefore, we propose understanding this aspect in more detail, allowing you to know why online gaming tournaments are a goldmine for gamers.

Online Games Tournaments – What are they?

Competing among other gamers may seem strange for players who have experience in online games. However, eSports events today have impressive prize pools, reaching millions, and are regularly increasing. Smaller draws are also held among ordinary players, but this is your chance to make real profits from your favorite hobby.

Our experts note the rapid development of e-sports as a concept that does not require competing with AI in your favorite shooters, strategies, or RPGs. You can compete with other players, collecting unique equipment and weapons, hitting your opponents with crits, and your character’s overall power. However, paying for PvP battles is doubly pleasant if you beat your competitors or defeat everyone in this tournament.

However, without unique platforms, participation in tournaments was initially in question. That’s why today there is a whole segment of e-sports entertainment – sites that organize events and competitions in games such as Call of Duty, FC24, Fortnite, Apex, Rocket League, NBA 2K24, HALO, League of Legends, Dota2, etc.

Variability of Tournaments in Online Games

Our specialists analyzed popular types of pranks in different games. This allowed us to create several categories of tournaments in which players from Australia most often take part:

  • Tournaments with Prize Funds – in this case, players can form teams of 1-4 players, inviting friends or their team. Such tournaments are typical for action games and shooters, where they take no prisoners, and the number of frags maximizes winnings in tournaments on different game consoles and platforms. Often, tournament sponsors are various bookmakers and gaming establishments, brands selling sports equipment or gaming PCs. They allow teams to compete for multi-million dollar prize pools, and such events attract celebrities worldwide.
  • Live Tournaments – live dealer games are available at any eZeeWallet casino, where you can show off your tactics and strategy while playing against live opponents or dealers. Such online tournaments are held in table games, allowing you to earn money on roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other games. Tournaments are held on a gambling website and broadcast via webcam, allowing players not to visit a land-based establishment to sit in the company of professionals or ordinary players.
  • Casino Online tournaments – we are talking about contests in online pokies, where players measure their skills and mastery of collecting winning combinations in reel games. Some competitions are based on hitting the highest bet multiplier. Others require players to actively play at real money casinos and earn as much money as possible. This approach creates a ranking, and the most active players take first place, receiving a portion of the prize pool. The latter is often 1, 5, 10, or even 20 million AUD.

Where Should You Participate in Tournaments?

Our experts advise you to carefully prepare when choosing a site so as not to end up with scammers. We have compiled a table with the best sites to participate in online gaming tournaments:


FaceIT According to our data, the site is owned and maintained by ESL FACEIT and serves as one of the most authoritative platforms for online tournaments. Its audience numbers an impressive 22,000,000 users. The site hosts competitions in various games and is also famous for its exciting features that are not available on other platforms. For example, our anti-cheat system guarantees the gameplay’s fairness and tracks the leaders’ statistics. Using the service, you can create entire communities and earn rewards.
Checkmate Gaming The gaming site is popular online for the breadth of games available, tournaments, a VIP system, a credit option, and many draw without depositing start-up capital. At the same time, you can also win real money for your skill, reaction, and speed. The system for selecting matches and tournaments, statistics, and finding friends makes the site easy to navigate.
Challenger mode The popularity of this recognizable brand is based on long-term activity and regular online gambling tournaments. The platform offers a wide selection of entertainment, even those that you may see for the first time on this site. This approach allows players and organizers to create eSports events that bring pleasure from the game, big winnings, and intellectual pleasure from participation.

Final Line

Our experts want to explain to players that online gaming tournaments are not new, but they are already severe areas that offer a chance to earn fabulous sums. Such draws allow you to test your agility, reaction speed, gaming skills, and other skills that can be converted into real profits. Considering the regular holding of world tournaments for the same Dota2 or Call of Duty, the events gather huge armies of fans and prize funds. This increases the popularity of online tournaments, guaranteeing gamers constant income and compensation for the time spent playing online games. Remember that in Australia, you are allowed to play for money from age 21, as this may lead to sanctions.