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Ocean City Visitors Hit the Beach to Beat the Heat

Visitors pack Ocean City's beaches during a steamy Saturday.


There was one easy way to cool off Saturday as temps climbed into the 90s along inland communities – just head to Ocean City.

The beaches were packed with visitors who hit the sand and left the sticky, humid weather behind.

The air temps hovered in the high 70s on the beaches and a cool breeze added a refreshing bonus for those who didn’t brave the chilly — yes, chilly — water.

Lifeguards Bill Stinson and Theodore Rowe kept watch for bathers at a crowded 55th Street beach. But with water temps around 59 degrees, there weren’t too many bathers in the water, they said.

“Today has been pretty calm,” Stinson said of the waters since few bathers were in. “I think the water temperature scared people.”

Brynn Walters and her cousin, Ryan Haas, have fun boogie boarding.

Amy Walters, of Downingtown, Pa., her husband, Ian, and their 5-year-old daughter, Brynn, enjoyed the holiday weekend at their second home in the south end of town.

Brynn had fun boogie boarding with her 9-year-old cousin, Ryan Haas, also of Downingtown, Pa.

How did Brynn describe the water?

“Icy!” she exclaimed and then giggled.

“It’s gorgeous at the ocean,” Amy Walters said. “We are enjoying every minute of being away from the super-hot weather of the city.”

As she watched Brynn and Ryan in the water, she added with a laugh, “I don’t know how the kids are staying in the water. It is cold.”

The Walters were one of many families who beat the heat by heading to an Ocean City beach.

Lifeguards Bill Stinson, standing, and Theodore Rowe keep watch at 55th Street beach.

Emily and Vince Desantis, of Clifton Heights, Pa., brought their sons, Sonny, 3, and 19-month-old Beau, to enjoy a day at the beach.

Emily’s mother, Christine Moore, also came along for the holiday weekend.

“We are at Vincent’s grandfather’s house. It’s generational,” Emily noted of the family vacation. “All of his sisters are down. The house is full.”

She said that the family couldn’t wait to head to the shore after the sticky forecast.

“We came down to get away from the crowds and to beat the heat because at home it is stifling,” Emily said. “The water is chilly. I was wrapped up in a towel and I am not usually like that.”

That was in stark contrast to the morning drive down Saturday.

“We left this morning and the air was thick, and we got down here and we put the windows down,” Emily said.

While some visitors to the Ocean City beaches braved the chilly ocean temps for a splash along the shoreline or a quick, cool dip, others played beach games like spike ball and volleyball.

Others just lounged on the beach, catching some nice rest, relaxing and, most importantly, staying cool.

Emily and Vincent Desantis and their children, Beau and Sonny, and Emily’s mother, Christine Moore, keep cool.