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Ocean City School District to Honor Vietnam Veterans

The Ocean City Board of Education during the November 17, meeting.


The Ocean City school district plans to honor former students who served in the military, specifically Vietnam.

There are approximately 125 alumni who served in Vietnam, which for American troops began in 1965 and ended in 1973.

“We’re excited about it. It is recognizing graduates from the Ocean City school district who have served in the military, specifically Vietnam, with the thought that it could branch out to something larger,” Interim Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott McCartney said during a Board of Education meeting Thursday.

He noted that two Vietnam veterans spearheading the project are John Cranston, an Ocean City High School graduate of the Class of 1964 and Barry Banks, Class of 1965.

McCartney said while the plans are still in the works, it should be something special to pay tribute and to honor those who served.

Video courtesy of Martin Fiedler, Just Right TV Productions.

School board member Jacqueline McAlister noted that there are members of the community who are very interested in having the plaques in the schools to recognize those who served.

McCartney said the district has identified some space either in the high school or perhaps in all three of Ocean City’s schools. The plaques might be rotated in all of the schools.

“Depending on the final size and scope of the products being presented to us, maybe one of the plaques would be at each of the schools and then rotate through the year,” he said.

The project could mean a great deal to the veterans and the students, McCartney pointed out.

“It’s a great way to bring kids and the communities to see what the members of our armed services do and how they serve our community,” he said.

The Primary School Students of the Month display their certificates while joined by school officials.

Board member Kevin Barnes asked McCartney if the plaques would simply list the military members who were from the school district or those who served and died.

McCartney said it would be a tribute to everyone who served in Vietnam from Ocean City.

He further noted that the hope is to have a ceremony to bring the veterans and families of those who served in and recognize them and give them a plaque.

School Board President Chris Halliday said that the plaques are detailed.

“It’s not just a list of names. There are pictures associated with it, so it is a more ornate placard,” Halliday said.

Also on the agenda was the monthly recognition of students for exhibiting standout qualities.

Primary School Principal Dr. Cathy Smith announced the students who were honored in the primary school for the month of October. They were selected for exhibiting respect, the character trait of the month.

Intermediate School Principal Michael Mattina also highlighted top students of the month in his school.

High School Principal Dr. Wendy O’Neal also recognized top students for their standout achievements in October.

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The Intermediate School Students of the Month display their certificates while standing with school officials.
School officials pose with standout High School students.