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Mayor’s Message: July 10

Mayor Jay Gillian

I want to congratulate the Ocean City High School Class of 2020. The class had its long-awaited graduation ceremony on Thursday at Carey Stadium.

We are all extremely proud of these students.

They sacrificed a lot this spring to protect the health of the community, and they have achieved so much during their school careers.

I wish each student the best of luck in all future endeavors. Video of the ceremony is available online and on OCTV-97 (Comcast Channel 97) at 7 p.m. tonight through Tuesday.

Gov. Murphy on Wednesday signed an executive order that requires people to wear masks when outdoors in crowded settings.

I believe this common-sense precaution is extremely important for the continued health and safety of everybody in Ocean City.

The governor’s new “mandate,” however, does not require that masks be worn at all times.

Show Us Your Mask mascots wear their face coverings as part of a public campaign to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It makes exceptions for people who are exercising or gathering with family and close contacts. It applies only when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Unfortunately, these exceptions make the executive order extremely difficult to enforce, and the governor has acknowledged as much.

The wearing of face coverings remains a matter of personal responsibility, and I absolutely urge you all to mask up, especially in crowded spots like the boardwalk.

The city is working with the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce and local merchants to promote the wearing of masks.

Please do your part by having a mask on hand at all times and using it whenever you’re close to others outside of your family.

The dredge Ohio was towed to safe harbor before of the arrival of Tropical Storm Fay today. It will return tomorrow and pumping operations are expected to begin in the afternoon.

The replenishment project has reached North Street Beach and work will progress toward 13th Street in the coming weeks. Daily updates are available at www.ocnj.us/projectupdate.

Warm regards,

Mayor Jay A. Gillian