John F. Krimsky, JR. Discusses Pilot Opportunities for Females in America

John F. Krimsky, JR. Discusses Pilot Opportunities for Females in America

John F. Krimsky Jr

As the former Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Pan American World Airways, John Krimsky has always been an advocate for careers within the aviation industry. One of the biggest opportunities in the field has been steadfast for decades: the need for more female pilots. John F. Krimsky, Jr. notes that in 1960, less than four percent of professional pilots were female. Today, less than ten percent of pilots are female. While the numbers are improving, they are climbing at a snail’s pace. Today, John. F. Krimsky, Jr. is going to provide an overview of the opportunities females can take advantage of by pursuing their commercial flying license.

The past decade has seen a demand for equality in every workplace. Major airlines are looking to improve their ratio of men and female pilots, so women are in high demand. In fact, companies are looking for females to fill positions in air traffic control, management, and flight instruction as well. With demand this high, a flying career can provide the job security that few other career paths offer. While John F. Krimsky, Jr. is partial to commercial airline piloting, there’s demand for cargo pilots, firefighter pilots, and agricultural pilots as well. There are different requirements for each job role, so John F. Krimsky, Jr. encourages potential pilots to explore the pros and cons of each position before making their choice. Any man interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry should also understand that the opportunities for women do not mean their male counterparts don’t have options. The pilot shortage impacts every airline, so good pilots will always have an opportunity to work.

While job security is certainly one of the top benefits of pursuing a career as a pilot, it’s not the only benefit. Many are surprised to learn that pilots can indeed enjoy a balance between their personal and professional life. Most pilots can lock themselves into a fixed daily structure if they prefer routine, or they can choose a flexible schedule. Anyone who is looking to avoid the 9-5 routine can benefit from pursuing a career in aviation. Pilots with families can often take advantage of paid paternity leave when their baby arrives. Female pilots will often receive more paid days off due to health risks associated with flying during their third term of pregnancy.

Obtaining a commercial flight license is expensive, but the demand for female flyers has led to several different funding initiatives that make it easier than ever to afford flight school. John F. Krimsky, Jr. encourages any female interested in pursuing a career as a pilot to look into organizations like WAI, which provide full scholarships to women in need of financial assistance to advance through pilot training. Those seeking a career as pilots will often start their path by joining the Airforce or another military branch. This route comes with all the risks of military service, but it can be a great stepping stone toward a lucrative career in aviation.

Many pilots pursued their career paths because they simply love to travel. There’s no denying that anyone who dreams of traveling the world should consider the benefits of becoming a pilot. The travel opportunities presented often allow pilots to explore different cities before returning to pilot their next flight. Typically, the airline will be the one covering the cost of the local hotel. John F. Krimsky, Jr. believes that there are few better career paths than ones that pay you to travel. Most airlines will also credit their employees with major discounts on their own airline tickets when they travel during their vacation days. This allows pilot families to enjoy travel at a significantly reduced rate.