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HGTV Show Features Couple’s Quest for Ocean City Home

Cody and Ceiara Panetta, pictured with their three children, purchased a home in Ocean City during an episode of HGTV Beachfront Bargain Hunt. (Photos provided by real estate agent Brian Logue)


Real estate agent Brian Logue got the call he was waiting for since selling an Ocean City home to a young family of five in the fall of 2019.

HGTV Beachfront Bargain Hunt had contacted him to see if he had a family in mind to film an episode of the popular show.

He didn’t even have to think twice. Cody and Ceiara Panetta and their three young children came to mind as the perfect choice, he noted.

The Panetta’s house-hunting adventure in the family-friendly resort, known for its beaches and Boardwalk, looked at two condominiums, one on Asbury Avenue and the other residence a couple of blocks from the beach. They also looked at a cottage.

This condominium on Asbury Avenue near the downtown is one of the homes the Panetta family toured.

But in order to see what the former Medford Lakes family chose, viewers must sign up for a seven-day free trial on the new HGTV streaming platform as part of Discovery+ www.discoveryplus.com, then search for Beachfront Bargain Hunt — season 28, episode 3.

“I’m excited to announce that our very own episode of HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt has finally been released,” Logue said, noting that the show may air on the regular HGTV network in the future.

“It’s a fun episode in warm summer weather featuring two of my awesome clients with their adorable family,” Logue said.

He added that the Panettas, who have young children, Brody, 10, Savannah, 5, and 2-year-old Mason, love all that Ocean City has to offer, from shopping to the beaches and the Boardwalk.

“As a child, Ceiara came to Ocean City for a vacation and once she and Cody began dating they came down together. They always loved to come here and decided it would be a great place to live,” Logue said.

When Logue asked the Panettas if they would like to be on the show, he said they were ecstatic.

“Ceiara said it was a dream come true to be on HGTV,” he said.

This wasn’t the first time HGTV selected Ocean City for an episode of a family on a quest for the perfect beach home.

Ceiara Panetta grew up vacationing in Ocean City and then she and her husband made it their special place.

Last year a family was featured on the show and the year before that a family on a $350,000 budget found their ideal vacation destination.

And not only do these families purchase their choice homes, they also have a lot of fun with the filming experience, Logue said.

Logue called the Panettas, “true stars of the show” and “natural entertainers.”

“The filming process was so much fun,” Logue added. “The director was larger than life and Cody and Ceiara were such naturals.”

Realtor Brian Logue, at left, with Ceiara and Cody Panetta walk onto an Ocean City beach.