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Employees Praise Working for Legally Mine – Reviews Show A Trusted Asset Protection Company for Medical Professionals

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Legally Mine has built a legacy of trust and expertise in asset protection for medical professionals for nearly two decades. With a team of experienced attorneys, accountants, and financial planners, the company offers customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. This collaborative approach ensures clients receive the most effective and current advice.

Strategically located in Orem, Utah, with an additional office in Alaska, Legally Mine is revolutionizing the medical industry with innovative strategies for safeguarding assets and minimizing tax liabilities.

The firm’s strategic locations and efficient business model enable it to serve a wide range of clients at a fraction of the cost typically charged by attorneys.

What Is Legally Mine?

Legally Mine is not just a company, it’s a solution. The firm specializes in providing legal strategies that shield individuals and businesses from potential lawsuits and legal challenges. Its services, including entity structuring, asset protection, tax planning, and risk management, are designed to identify and mitigate potential legal risks.

The company works across various industries, including healthcare, real estate, finance, and entrepreneurship, to help clients safeguard their wealth and achieve financial peace of mind.

Legally Mine Serves Clients All Across the United States

Legally Mine’s client-first approach to wealth management allows medical professionals to focus on their business and personal assets by providing streamlined, effective, and user-friendly products and services.

With over 15,000 members served in the past 17 years, Legally Mine is a dedicated leader in the industry.

It is the nation’s largest, most respected, and most comprehensive lawsuit protection firm, offering specialized consulting services, packages, and tools to help businesses thrive while managing risks effectively.

“The route we take in protecting our members’ assets conveniently opens up many new tax-saving strategies that most of our members are not already familiar with,” explained CEO Dan McNeff. “We also help teach them and their accountants how to implement these strategies, saving them thousands of dollars annually. In addition to these services, we create living trusts for our members and ensure that all their estate planning is taken care of.”

Legally Mine goes beyond imparting knowledge on preemptive measures against lawsuits.

McNeff says they provide complete peace of mind for their members, ensuring they are adequately shielded at an affordable cost and within a manageable timeframe. The firm’s services are designed to instill a sense of security, knowing that their assets are protected.

What Legally Mine Employees Say About Working For The Company

At Legally Mine, the company prides itself on fostering a dynamic and supportive work environment. The firm values professionalism, growth and collaboration and employees often describe their workplace as an uplifting environment where they feel supported and valued.

Legally Mine hires a diverse range of professionals to support its multifaceted operations. The team includes seasoned attorneys specializing in asset protection and estate planning, offering expert legal advice tailored to the unique needs of medical professionals. Alongside them, skilled accountants and financial planners work diligently to devise and implement innovative tax-saving strategies, ensuring clients can maximize their economic security. This blend of expertise creates a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared and solutions are crafted with a grassroots approach.

In addition to legal and financial roles, Legally Mine also employs various administrative and support staff. These positions are crucial for maintaining the company’s efficiency and customer service excellence. Administrative assistants, client service representatives, and marketing professionals all play integral roles in ensuring the firm’s smooth operation and its clients’ satisfaction. Their contributions help maintain the high standards Legally Mine is known for, making them valued team members.

The company is looking for those who can maintain a positive attitude in stressful situations.

Legally Mine is now hiring attorneys for its legal services and offers a competitive salary, flexible working schedule, excellent benefits, additional in-house training and a positive work environment.

Legally Mine Employee Reviews

Let’s look at what Legally Mine employee reviews say about their experiences working with the company.

Current employees praise the work-life balance and great co-workers.

  • “It is by far the best job I’ve ever had! The people are so friendly and accepting. Management is excellent about making you feel valued. The employees treat you like friends. I will stay for as long as they’ll accept me. I recommend employment at Legally Mine for motivated people looking for a fun, caring atmosphere. 
  • “In my experience, this is the only company (I’ve been with) that truly shows appreciation for their employees. They are flexible and understand life outside the office. The employee benefits are incredible. All of the management have an open door, including the owner. They promote within the company and host monthly events. This has been the best company I have ever worked for.” 
  • “Being a smaller business means there’s room to grow with the company. Excellent co-workers and work atmosphere. Beautiful office building.” 
  • “I started working at Legally Mine as a college student and was able to work flexible hours while earning my degree. After I finished school, I was able to transition into full-time work seamlessly, and I know that there have been several others who have done the same. The work environment is great. It is a smaller company, so everyone gets to know each other, and for the most part, co-workers take the time to show support for each other (i.e., baby showers, giant birthday cards, etc.).”

These reviews highlight the positive aspects of working at Legally Mine, showcasing a company that values work-life balance, offers a supportive and friendly environment, and provides ample opportunities for career growth. Employees consistently commend the management’s open-door policy, inclusive culture, and flexibility, making it a desirable workplace for motivated individuals seeking a fun and caring atmosphere.

Dan McNeff: ‘I was all in with Legally Mine’

Mr. McNeff is the CEO of Legally Mine. With over 20 years of experience running his own businesses, he is also a published author, contributing one book and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. McNeff has conducted hundreds of seminars, helping thousands protect their assets and reduce tax liability.

McNeff invested every dime of his retirement savings and resources to launch Legally Mine. Under his leadership, the company has blossomed into one of the nation’s most successful and trusted asset protection firms.

“I was all in with Legally Mine,” McNeff said. “I did everything possible to get us going, and look at us today. We’re the largest asset protection company in America. We work with the medical community and dentists alike. Our prices are more than affordable, and people can’t believe we do what we do at that price. It’s just because of the volume of sales that we do.”

The future is brighter than ever for the company.

“Our goal at Legally Mine is to empower medical professionals to secure their hard-earned assets and mitigate potential risks,” says McNeff. “Through our comprehensive suite of services, we aim to not only educate but also provide practical solutions that enable our members to navigate the complexities of asset protection and tax optimization.”

Legally Mine is poised for continued growth and success with a strong foundation and a clear vision. The company’s unwavering commitment to its clients ensures that it will remain a leader in the industry for years to come.

As McNeff looks ahead, he is excited about the opportunities to further innovate and expand Legally Mine’s footprint in the industry, making asset protection accessible to even more professionals. He is also thankful to work alongside a dedicated team that is passionate about giving back and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure they provide the highest level of support and protection to their clients.