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A Complete Checklist for Dubai Car Rental: List of Things You Must Check


Dubai car rental is a quick and easy process. But for the best experience, doing your part of research and inspection is a must. Once your car is booked and delivered, it is your responsibility to check all its features thoroughly. This article will guide you on the things to check before you accept your rental car from a delivery agent in Dubai.

What are the Things to Check Before Renting a Car in Dubai?

Whether you wish to self drive or opt for luxury car rental Dubai with driver, checking the important specifications of the car is a must. Some of the aspects that require attention are discussed as under:

  1. Dents or Scratches: The first thing that you must check after the delivery of your car is the exterior body. Look for existing dents or scratches if any. In case you find any, bring them to the notice of the delivery agent.
  2. Fuel Type: Refueling your car is your responsibility. Hence knowing about the type of fuel your car consumes is mandatory. In case if you refill with the incorrect fuel serious complications with the car may arise.
  3. Fuel Tank: Always check the amount of fuel you are provided with the car. Before embarking on the roads, do also make yourself aware of the technical specifications provided by the car rental agency.
  4. Safety Features: Safety always stands on top of the priority list. So, acquainting yourself with all the safety measures of your rental car is a must. They include airbags, navigation and driver assistance systems, collision warning and emergency braking systems, ABS or anti-braking system, and so on.
  5. Tyres: A close examination of the tyre condition is a crucial part of safety and comfort during the car rental process. Check if the tyre has got any wear and tear, look for wheel balancing, ensure you are given an extra tyre which is again in a good condition, etc.
  6. Dashboard: A detailed inspection of the car’s dashboard before setting on your journey can help avoid potential problems while driving. Ensure that the car’s dashboard displays information like speedometer readings, fuel level, tachometer, engine temperature, and related parameters accurately.
  7. Wipers: The role of wipers is very important when driving on a rainy day. Although rain is rare in Dubai, yet it is good to be prepared for all sorts of situations. Do not forget to check the wipers among other things while renting a car in Dubai.
  8. Nearest Fuel Station: Along with checking the specifications of the car, you need to be aware of refueling as well. Depending on the route you take, always check the availability of fuel stations. It will help you in ensuring you have enough fuel all throughout the journey.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there may be other important things as well that require your attention. As a responsible customer it is your duty to have a close inspection of the car before accepting. For a stress free car rental experience in Dubai, check out OneClickDrive, a reliable platform for car rental in the UAE.