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Christian Business Incubator Reviews What Actually Makes a Company Christian

Christian Business Incubator reviews

Christian Business Incubator is a faith-based company that provides mentorship and is a proven business model for Christians to build online courses based on their passions. In the article below, Christian Business Incubator reviews what in fact makes a company Christian, and how do those values affect their business principles.

Some of the top performing companies in the US are Christian based businesses. Chick-fil-A – creator of what is arguably the world’s best chicken sandwich – is famously known for its beliefs as a brand.

But what makes a company Christian? Is it about being closed on Sundays? Printed Bible verses on your retail packaging? Is it about the stance taken by a brand’s executives on key political and religious issues?  Is it about playing Christian music in-store? Christian Business Incubator reviews what in fact, distinguishes a Christian company from others.

While these questions are a smaller component of a bigger picture, what makes a company Christian is how it intentionally aligns the core beliefs of its founders with the principles of the Bible.

The First Principle: “Go with him two miles.”

Christian Business Incubator that not only is this the birthplace of the adage, go the extra mile, but it aligns directly with the Christian principle of doing a little more, and going a little further.

Hobby Lobby CEO, founder, and author David Green explains that – of course – the building of a Christian business starts with prayer. But from there, it was about “rubber meeting the road” for Green and his family Christian Business Incubator reviews.

Management was deemed to be the servants of the employees on the shop floor – who were, in turn, servants of the customers.

What makes a company Christian is putting beliefs into practice. Christian Business Incubator reviews that for Hobby Lobby, putting beliefs into practice is about increasing the minimum wage of its employees. It’s about giving them Sundays off.  It’s about supporting family values by closing stores early and allowing parents to get home before their kids go to bed Christian Business Incubator notes.

For Christian leaders in the corporate world, developing what is known as a Second Mile mentality in their teams means:

  • Being inspired – and empowered – to find unique or unexpected solutions to business issues.
  • Showing empathy and genuine caring for their customers and being leaders in customer satisfaction
  • Inspiring great stories from loyal customers

The Second Principle: Profit Used for Good

The Inspiration

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”
-Mark 8:36

Christian Business Incubator reviews the most successful businesses in the world – whatever their founders’ faith – are successful because they tell a story, sell an idea, a product, or a service, and make a profit.

For a Christian company, Christian Business Incubator explains that understanding its priorities as a machine and allowing its managers and employees to live with purpose and vision, are another crucial steppingstone on the road to success.

Being focused on profit with a purpose aligns with a company’s brand—with its reputation. Earning profit in the wrong ways, and in ways that do not align with the company’s beliefs and faith, is more likely to damage the success of the business than to benefit it.

Some Christian owners and executives are uniquely situated to impact society and spread the word of their God on a large scale.

Take the iconic US burger chain, In-N-Out. Its Double-Double burger has proudly worn a wrapper that includes a Bible verse from Nahum 1:7. The company’s president, billionaire Lynsi Snyder, has explained in the past that she found peace through Christianity.

“The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; he knoweth them that trust in Him”

Christian Business Incubator reviews
The Third Principle: The Golden Rule

Christian Business Incubator reviews that one of the most prolifically quoted Bible verses in history—alongside John 3:16 which is referenced everywhere from pro sports to Forever 21 packaging—the Golden Rule is famous for a reason.

Christian Business Incubator notes that treating others how you would like to be treated is more than a motto for putting people first – it is one of the key guiding principles of Christianity. J.C. Penny -founder of the retail giant of the same name – used this principle as his touchstone throughout his time at the helm of what had been a multi-billion-dollar company.

“I cannot remember a time when the Golden Rule was not the torch that guided my footsteps.”
-J.C. Penny

Operating a company in keeping with Luke 6:31 means:

  • Providing a high level, empathetic service to every customer
  • Being honest and transparent in every professional interaction
  • Effectively stewarding resources
  • Treating people with dignity
  • Finding ways to serve others

This is What Makes a Company Christian…

Christian Business Incubator reviews that when Christian leaders allow themselves to be guided by their religious principles, they can create a corporate culture that highlights those principles and offers value and spiritual nutrition to both employees and customers.

Building a Christian company is not about a company’s religious branding—although that can become a way of sharing the word of God with its customers. Christian Business Incubator says that by building a Christian company means integrating true Christian faith into everyday work.

What makes a company Christian is how it operates – with intention – in a way that serves God and people.