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Best Delta 10 Gummies: Top Delta 10 Edibles To Buy In 2024


Delta 10 is gaining immense popularity lately in the cannabinoid neighborhood. Unlike the more common Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 offers a milder psychoactive experience, making it appealing for those seeking an uplifted and clear-headed high without intense euphoria.

The best Delta 10 gummies are favored mainly for their potential wellness benefits, including stress relief and mood enhancement, while providing a manageable and energetic buzz. Customers online appreciate top Delta 10 edibles for their convenience, fantastic flavors, and precise dosage.

However, with so many brands claiming to offer the best Delta 10 gummies, how do you pick a safe and effective option? Our experts have analyzed many customer reviews and tested 45+ brands to find the 4 best Delta 10 edibles in 2024.

4 Best Delta 10 THC Gummies

  • Exhale– Overall Best Delta 10 Gummies, Top Pick
  • Dopeboo– Best Brand Offering Variety of Delta 10 Gummies
  • Cannabuddy- Delta 10 Gummies for Energizing Effects
  • Just Delta- Affordable Delta 10 Gummies In Various Flavors

#1. Exhale– Best Delta 10 Gummies Overall, Top Pick

What we love?

Topping our list of best Delta 10 gummies is Exhale Wellness, a brand that’s now a legacy for cannabis fans across the country. Exhale’s Delta-10 Gummy Cubes stand out for their high potency and natural ingredients.

These gummies are infused with full-spectrum Delta-10 extract, providing a balanced and effective experience. The delicious fruity flavors make them a delightful treat, delivering an energizing and uplifting sensation.

They are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no artificial colors or flavors, ensuring consumers a pure and healthy option.

What customers love?

Customers really appreciate the clear-headed and energizing effects of these gummies. Many appreciate how these gummies help improve their mood and provide a subtle boost without the fogginess associated with other THC products.

The convenient cube shape and tasty flavors make these THC gummies easy to incorporate into daily routines. Positive reviews highlight their effectiveness in promoting relaxation and happiness without adverse side effects.

About Exhale

Exhale Wellness is a well-known brand for hemp-derived products and probably the most popular destination for high-quality and effective Delta 10, Delta 9, and Delta 8 products in the US. The brand tests all its pure hemp products in third-party labs and provides detailed reports.



  • Does not ship to all states


  • Pack size: 750mg and 1500mg options
  • Strength: 25mg per gummy
  • Flavors: Assorted fruity flavors

=> Click here to visit the official website “Exhale”

#2. Dopeboo– Best Brand Offering Variety of Delta 10 Gummies

What we love?

If you’re easily bored and want to explore a truly magnificent range of Delta 10 gummies, Dopeboo is the cannabis marketplace for you.

The brand stocks top Delta 10 gummies from leading brands, offering various flavors and strengths to suit different preferences.

These THC gummies are free from animal-derived ingredients like gelatin. The brand even allows you to pre-order certain premium Delta 10 gummies so that you never miss out on your favorites. The gummies are not too strong, but they sure offer a mild euphoric sensation.

What customers love?

Customers appreciate the high potency and delightful flavors of Dopeboo’s Delta 10 gummies, particularly the watermelon variety. Many users report that these gummies help reduce anxiety and stress, offering a pleasant euphoric effect.

The consistency in flavor and effectiveness makes these gummies a favorite among those seeking both recreational and therapeutic benefits from Delta 10.

About Dopeboo

Dopeboo is a well-regarded online headshop known for stocking high-quality THC products, including Delta 10 gummies. The brand also sells products with other cannabinoids, like CBD and HHC. It accepts returns on damaged or wrong items and provides full refunds.


  • 10+ Delta 10 gummies
  • Free shipping over $100
  • Lab reports available online
  • Suitable for vegans


  • Limited international shipping


  • Size: 750mg per jar
  • Strength: Up to 50mg Delta 10 THC per gummy
  • Flavors: Watermelon, raspberry, and peach

=> Click here to visit the official website “Dopeboo”

#3. CannaBuddy- Delta 10 Gummies for Energizing Effects

What we love?

CannaBuddy is the perfect brand for those who are looking for Delta 10 gummies for energy. The brand’s Delta 10 gummies provide a balanced and energizing experience, perfect for daytime use. They are made with pure, high-quality ingredients, ensuring the onset of effects within 30 minutes.

The variety of flavors available makes them a delightful treat, while their precise dosing of Delta 10 and other cannabinoids like D9 and D8 provide enhanced uplifting effects. CannaBuddy prioritizes transparency, with all product pages displaying the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

What customers love?

Customers love the uplifting and clear-headed effects of CannaBuddy’s Delta 10 gummies. Many users report feeling more focused and energized, making these gummies ideal for enhancing productivity and motivation.

The delicious flavors, such as Fruit Cocktail and Strawberry Kiwi, are a hit among users, who also appreciate each gummy’s reliable potency and consistent quality. Health-conscious customers also rave about their Vegan THC gummies range.

About CannaBuddy

CannaBuddy is a popular brand for high-quality cannabis products, such as THC edibles, CBD products, vapes, tinctures, and carts. The brand sources organic hemp from licensed farms and produces it in GMP-certified facilities to maintain optimal quality and hygiene standards.


  • Fast onset of effects
  • Independently tested D10 edibles
  • Naturally flavored gummies
  • Flexible price range


  • Gummies also combine other cannabinoids


  • Size: 600mg per jar
  • Strength: 25mg Delta 10 THC per gummy
  • Flavors: Cherry Crush, Strawberry Slam, Peach Passion etc.

#4. Just Delta- Affordable Delta 10 Gummies In Various Flavors

What we love?

If you want to experience the best of Delta 10 but are a little tight on the budget, Just Delta is your perfect pick. The brand offers a diverse range of affordable and effective Delta 10 gummies.

Their edibles come in various flavors and strengths, suitable for different preferences and needs. The brand ensures quality by using high-grade, lab-tested ingredients.

These gummies’ affordability makes them accessible to a broader audience without compromising quality, at just $24.99 for 250 grams of Delta 10 gummies.

What customers love?

Customers talk about the balance of price and potency that Just Delta gummies offer. Many users highlight the delicious flavors, such as peach rings and sour worms, and the consistent effects.

The gummies are praised for providing a mild, uplifting high that helps with relaxation and mood. The different varieties and transparent labeling further keep customers coming back for more.

About Just Delta

Just Delta is a relatively new entrant to the cannabis industry. It offers THC, Delta, Live Resin and CBD products, providing a rich variety in all these categories. The brand makes all its Delta 10 edibles in the US and provides value by offering free shipping over $50.


  • Range of Delta 10 edibles
  • Discreet shipping available
  • Mild euphoric effects
  • Highly reasonable pricing


  • No D10 edibles other than gummies


  • Size: 250mg and 1000mg options
  • Strength: 25mg Delta 10 THC per gummy
  • Flavors: Peach rings, rainbow belts, sour worms, watermelon rings, sour bears

What Is Delta 10?

Delta 10 THC is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis, much like the famous Delta 9 and Delta 8. However, it’s unique in its chemical structure and effects.

Unlike Delta 9 THC, which is abundant and responsible for the typical “high” associated with cannabis, Delta 10 THC is synthesized from CBD, often through complex chemical processes. This is because Delta 10 does not occur naturally in large quantities, making direct extraction inefficient.

In terms of effects, when you consume Delta 10, it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, affecting your mood and pain perception and potentially providing a more energizing and less anxious experience than other forms of THC. It offers a mild, clear-headed high.

Structurally, Delta 10 THC is similar to Delta 9, but the placement of its double bond is different, which influences how it affects your cannabinoid receptors. This subtle shift means it offers a unique experience, often described as a milder, more clear-headed high, ideal if you’re looking for something less intense.

This cannabinoid could be a perfect choice for those who need mild relief from stress or a slight boost in their alertness without overwhelming effects.

Benefits of Delta 10 Gummies

Delta 10 THC gummies are gaining traction for their unique benefits, making them a great choice among cannabis edibles. If you incorporate Delta 10 gummies into your routine, you can experience these diverse benefits in a convenient and enjoyable form.

Here’s how they can enhance your daily routine:

Mood Enhancement:

Delta 10 gummies are known for their ability to uplift your mood. Unlike Delta-9 THC, which can sometimes cause anxiety and paranoia, Delta 10 provides a more subtle and clear-headed high.

Users report feeling happier and more euphoric, making it a great option for those looking to boost their spirits without intense psychoactive effects​​.

Pain Relief:

Delta 10 THC has also been noted for its potential to alleviate pain. Although research is ongoing, anecdotal evidence suggests that Delta 10 can help manage discomfort and inflammation. So, it is popular among those looking for a natural alternative to traditional pain relievers​.

Stress Reduction:

One of the standout benefits of Delta 10 gummies is their ability to reduce stress. These gummies produce a relaxing effect without the heavy sedation associated with other THC products. So, these are ideal for managing stress and promoting a sense of calm and relaxation​.

Improved Focus:

Delta 10 is often compared to sativa strains of cannabis, known for their energizing and uplifting effects.

Many users find that Delta 10 helps improve focus and concentration, making it a great option for daytime use or when you need to stay productive and alert.

Better Sleep:

While Delta 10 is generally more stimulating, it can also help some users sleep better. By reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation, Delta 10 can help create a conducive environment for rest. However, due to its energizing properties, it’s typically more suited for use earlier in the day​.

Appetite Stimulation:

Like many other cannabinoids, Delta 10 can stimulate appetite. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with conditions that cause a loss of appetite.

The mild euphoria and relaxation effects can make mealtimes more enjoyable and help improve overall nutrition​.

Factors to Consider the Delta 10 Gummies

When selecting Delta 10 gummies, there are several key factors to remember to ensure you get the best product for your needs. Here are some of the most essential aspects to consider:


The flavor of Delta 10 gummies is crucial because it enhances the overall consumption experience. Many brands offer a variety of flavors, from fruity options to classic candy replicas, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

Choosing a flavor you enjoy can make your experience more pleasant, whether you prefer sweet, sour, or a specific fruit taste​.


Potency varies significantly among Delta 10 gummies, typically ranging from 5 to 50mg of Delta 10 per gummy. Your choice should depend on your tolerance and experience level with THC products.

Beginners may start with a lower dose to see their tolerance, while more experienced users may go for higher-potency gummies. Always check the product label for the exact dosage per gummy.


Price is critical, especially since Delta 10 products can be pricey. Prices can also vary based on the brand, potency, and quantity of gummies in a package. So, look for products that balance cost and quality well.

Some premium brands might offer higher prices, but you can also find cost-effective options that still deliver quality and effectiveness​. A few brands also offer subscriptions or bulk purchase discounts, making the gummies more affordable in the long run.


Always ensure that the gummies are made with high-quality ingredients and free from harmful additives. If your dietary preferences include vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free products, look for these.

Reputable brands will often provide third-party lab test results to verify the purity and potency of their products. This transparency is crucial to ensure you get a safe and effective product​.


Understanding the correct dosage for Delta 10 gummies is also very essential. It’s recommended to start with a low dose, such as half a gummy, and gradually increase it based on your tolerance and desired effects.

Each gummy should have a clearly labeled dosage so that you can control your intake accurately. It is also advisable to check with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if you have underlying health conditions​.

Other Cannabinoids

Some Delta 10 gummies are combined with other cannabinoids, like Delta 8 THC or CBD, to enhance the overall effects. These combinations can provide a more balanced experience, leveraging the entourage effect, where multiple cannabinoids work together to amplify benefits.

Based on your needs and preferences, consider whether you want a pure Delta 10 experience or a blend with other cannabinoids​. However, you may need to do some trial and error to find the best fit.

How We Selected the Best Delta 10 Gummies?

When it comes to choosing the best Delta 10 gummies, several critical factors come into play. Here’s how we narrowed down the top choices for you:

Customer Feedback

Your experience matters most, so we prioritized what real users had to say. To understand user experiences, we analyzed reviews and testimonials from various sources, including online retailers and cannabis forums.

Positive feedback on taste, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction played a significant role in our selection. Multiple customers’ consistent complaints or issues were also considered to avoid recommending subpar products​​.

Product Pricing

Everyone wants value for their money. We compared prices across different brands to ensure you’re not overpaying and get the best value for your money.

We also looked at the cost per gummy and the cost per milligram of Delta 10. This way, you can understand what you’re paying for and make an informed decision without breaking the bank​.

Products that provide transparency about their cannabinoid content and use high-quality ingredients remain competitively priced and ranked higher on our list​.

Brand Reputation

We focused on companies known for transparency and ethical practices. Brands with a good customer satisfaction record and have been in the market for a while tend to be more reliable.

We also considered how these companies source their hemp and their level of transparency regarding production processes and third party lab testing.

We preferred brands that are open about their manufacturing practices and have clear, accessible third-party lab results. Reliable brands are also committed to customer service, making sure you’re happy with your purchase​.

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients mean better quality and safety. We selected gummies made with organic, non-GMO, and vegan ingredients and avoided products with artificial additives and preservatives.

The presence of organic ingredients was a significant plus, as these contribute to the overall safety and effectiveness of the gummies.

Gummies that use organically grown hemp and natural flavorings and are free from unnecessary additives stood out as our top choices. We also picked brands that use eco-friendly extraction methods​.

How to Use Delta 10 Gummies?

Using Delta 10 gummies can be a delightful experience if you approach it with care and understanding. Here’s a simple guide on how to best use these gummies to enjoy their full potential without running into common pitfalls:

Begin with a Low Dose

Starting small is key when trying any new cannabis product, especially when it involves cannabinoids like Delta 10 THC.

For beginners, a low dose might range from 5mg to 10mg per gummy. This initial step helps you understand how your body responds to Delta 10, ensuring you don’t overwhelm yourself. Pay attention to how you feel after the first dose, and use this as a baseline to adjust if necessary.

For example, if each gummy contains 10mg of Delta 10, start with 5mg or less. That way, you can avoid any adverse reactions​.

Gradually Increase

After your first dose, wait to see how it affects you. Delta 10 gummies can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to show the complete effects. So, even after a few hours, you can gradually increase your dose if you feel the effects are too mild.

Add another half gummy and give it some time before taking more. This method allows you to find the best optimal dose without going overboard​.

Mind the Plateau

It’s important to accept that there might be a plateau in the effects of Delta 10 THC. This means that after a certain point, increasing the dose may not provide proportional increases in the effects it has on you.

If you notice that your usual dose isn’t providing the same effects, take a short break from Delta 10 products. This break helps reset your body’s tolerance levels, making the effects more pronounced when you resume.

Onset of Effects

As mentioned earlier, Delta 10 gummies can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. The onset time differs for every individual because it depends on factors like metabolism, body weight, and whether you’ve eaten recently.

So, it’s best to always plan your consumption accordingly, especially if you’re using Delta 10 for a specific activity or to manage certain symptoms​.


The effects of Delta 10 gummies can last several hours, usually peaking around 2 to 3 hours after ingestion and tapering off from there. The total duration can be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

Knowing this duration is crucial for managing your schedule and responsibilities, especially if you need to be alert and active later in the day. So, always consume responsibly and consider how Delta 10 interacts with your body’s unique chemistry.

Delta 10 vs Delta 9: What’s the Difference?

When you’re exploring THC, you’ll come across various forms, each with its unique characteristics. Two of these are Delta 10 and Delta 9 THC, which are very similar in chemical structure yet very different in effects.

Below, we’ve detailed the main differences between Delta 10 and Delta 9.

Delta 10

Delta 10 THC is a lesser-known cannabinoid found in trace amounts in hemp plant. It’s often derived from hemp through complex extraction and conversion processes.

One key difference between Delta 10 and Delta 9 THC is their chemical structure; Delta 10 has a double bond on the tenth carbon atom, whereas Delta 9 has it on the ninth carbon atom.

This slight alteration makes Delta 10 less potent than Delta 9, leading to milder psychoactive effects. It’s often described as providing an uplifting and energetic high without overwhelming the senses.

Delta 9

On the other hand, Delta 9 THC is the most recognized form of THC found in cannabis. It’s known for its strong psychoactive effects, which can profoundly alter mood, perception, and overall experience.

Delta 9 THC typically provides a more intense high characterized by deep relaxation or euphoria. Due to its potent effects, it’s often favored for evening use or situations where deep relaxation is desired.

The main difference between the two lies in their interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Delta 9 has a strong affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors, contributing to its potent effects. Delta 10, while also interacting with these receptors, does so in a less aggressive manner, which is the reason for its milder and more manageable high.

Is Delta 10 Legal?

Delta 10 THC is federally legal in the United States as long as it is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. This legality comes under the provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and its derivatives.

However, Delta 10’s legal status can vary by state. Some states have specific restrictions or have banned the substance outright. For example, Delta 10 is illegal in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, and Rhode Island​​.

So, always check your local state laws to ensure compliance before purchasing or using Delta 10 THC products, as state laws can change and may have specific regulations that differ from federal guidelines.

Potential Side Effects of Delta 10 Gummies

Delta 10 gummies, while offering a gentler high compared to other THC forms, may lead to certain side effects. You might experience digestive issues, such as mild stomach discomfort.

Common with many cannabis products, you may also notice dry mouth, dizziness, and dry eyes after consumption. The milder high of Delta 10 is generally manageable, but it’s still significant enough to influence your daily activities if you’re not prepared.

So plan accordingly. As with any supplement, start with a low dose to see how it affects you and adjust accordingly.

FAQs About Best Delta 10 Gummies

Q1. How Much Delta 10 Gummies Should I Take?

Begin with a small 5-10mg dose to assess your tolerance and desired effects. Gradually increase if necessary, but don’t exceed the dosage recommended by the manufacturer or your healthcare provider. Overconsumption can lead to heightened side effects.

Q2. Is It Safe To Take Delta 10 Every Day?

Using Delta 10 daily is generally safe for most users, but individual reactions can vary. Consistent use might lead to tolerance, so consider occasional breaks to maintain effectiveness. Always check with a healthcare provider, especially if using other medications.

Q3. Can Delta 10 THC Help Me Sleep?

Delta 10 THC tends to be stimulating, so it may not be the best aid for sleep. For better sleep results, consider Delta 8 or CBD, which is known for its more relaxing effects. Delta 10 might be more suitable for daytime use when you need to stay alert.

Q4. Are Delta 10 THC Gummies Vegan?

Check the packaging to ensure your Delta 10 gummies are vegan. Many brands use plant-based gelatin substitutes like pectin but always verify the ingredient list for animal-derived products. Manufacturers usually highlight vegan-friendly labels for clarity.

Concluding Thoughts About The Best Delta 10 Gummies!

Selecting the best Delta 10 gummies requires attention to detail and understanding what makes each product stand out. These gummies are celebrated for enhancing mood and increasing focus without the intense high associated with other cannabinoids.

Whether you’re seeking relief from minor discomforts or just a gentle boost in your day, choosing gummies that match your health goals and personal preferences is essential.

As you explore the options, consider factors like potency, ingredients, and user feedback to find the best fit for your needs. Among the brands reviewed, Exhale Wellness is our top recommendation, and it is known for its quality and customer satisfaction.

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