The summer that snuck up on us…

The summer that snuck up on us…

Photo credit: Lori DiVerniero, Seven Souls Studios


In the weeks leading up to this holiday weekend two things evaded me:

  1. Sleep, a simple good night’s sleep.
  2. Warm spring and summer-like days.

With Memorial Day on the horizon the final push was on to finish the seemingly endless list of tasks on my to-do list to complete the year long process of renovating our latest project “Mrs. Hoovers” house. With tenants moving into both rental units and my husband anxious to start hosting what I am sure will be countless parties on (according to him) the largest deck in Ocean City, it was an arduous task. To date it has been my biggest renovation undertaking, and no doubt the most overwhelming.   Yet as I tie up all the loose ends I find I am now losing sleep over the smallest of details.  I am awake for hours on end at night, my mind racing.  I make to-do lists, prioritizing what would seem to be the most meaningless things… I wonder from topic to topic: color schemes for the still undecorated master suite, a rug for the well-traveled hallway to the kids’ rooms, or shelving options for the outdoor shower.

Moon over OC.4
Photo credit: Lori DiVerniero, Seven Souls Studios

Oddly, this week as summer pounced upon us, I had a different kind of list I created. I lay awake hoping sleep would once again allow me to enter. I came to the conclusion that I am greedy, with a positive type of greed, if that is such a thing.  I am greedy for a breezy summer day, the feel of the sand under my feet, a catnap in the warm sun, and the sound of the endless waves lapping at the shoreline.  I want more mornings riding my bike on the boardwalk, launching a kayak into the surf, and hopping onto a paddleboard to silently glide through the still waters of the bay.  I need to see more sunsets, and although I am not an early bird by any means, more sunrises.  I’m greedy for more shells found on long beach walks, catching some waves in the ocean, and long runs on the boardwalk.  I want to spend more time with my children, my family, my local friends, and beach friends.  I want to reconnect with those friends who vacation here throughout the summer from all over the country, and hopefully collect a few new friends.  It is gluttony, I just can’t seem to get enough of all of this…

The short summer season we all enjoy flies by so quickly. Each Fourth of July weekend an old friend comments that summer is half way over.  I scold him, then secretly wish his beach chair would collapse into the sand below.  Sadly though, he is right.  For many, fall sports ramp up, family vacations are scheduled elsewhere, college begins, and the dreaded back to school shopping trips commence.  We spend days searching for three ring binders, packs of notecards, and way too many marbled notebooks for a child to possibly carry to school. Life gets in the way of summer, which lends itself to the idea that each day I should satisfy at least one of my gluttonous wants or needs, while being gratified that I can do just that.

This afternoon as I sit in my well-worn striped beach chair contemplating my summer time greed, I find I am anxious, excited and eager to begin this summer, the one that snuck up on us all. Yet, most importantly I am thankful.  Thankful that I can enjoy all of my “greedy” indulgences.  As we are launched into summer this holiday weekend let us thank, appreciate and honor all of those who served, are serving, or have lost their lives serving and protecting our country so that we may be able to live our lives freely.

Ocean City's annual Memorial Day ceremony is at 11 a.m. Monday (May 25) at Veterans Memorial Park, between Fifth and Sixth streets off Wesley Avenue.
Ocean City’s annual Memorial Day ceremony is at 11 a.m. Monday (May 30) at Veterans Memorial Park, between Fifth and Sixth streets off Wesley Avenue.

Here’s to summer 2016. See you on the deck!

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