Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD on The Best Maryland Foods

Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD on The Best Maryland Foods

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Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD, is a proud Maryland resident. As someone who appreciates great food, Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD, believes that his state is underrepresented on the national scale amongst the best places in the country for food. Today, Taylor Metzger will touch on some of the iconic dishes that make Maryland an excellent food state. While many will point to the crabcakes, and for a good reason, there’s so much more to Maryland cuisine than crab.

Old Bay Seasoning

Taylor Metzger said Maryland was more than crabcakes, but he didn’t say crabcakes should not be mentioned in the most iconic Maryland foods. A big part of the charm of Maryland seafood is often the Old Bay seasoning, which is now bought all over the country. While the recipe is kept a secret, it was invented in the 1940s by Gustav Brunn, a German Jewish spice merchant. McCormick now owns the rights to the recipe and distributes the special seasoning worldwide. If you are from Maryland, you probably put Old Bay seasoning on everything from your eggs in the morning to your salad at night.

Maryland Pit Beef

It would be too bold to put Maryland on the same level for barbecue as Texas or Kansas, but there’s something special about Maryland Pit Beef. While other states pride themselves on slow cooking their meat, this Maryland dish is about speed. Thinly sliced roast beef is placed on the grill above the charcoal and served medium rare on a roll with just onions and some signature sauce made of horseradish and mayonnaise. It’s easy to prepare, but it’s hard to replicate. This dish is most famously served at Chap’s Pit Beef, which has a location in Baltimore and Aberdeen.


Count Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD, is amongst Maryland residents who have been surprised out of state by people ordering striped bass. In Maryland, it’s always been called Rockfish. As one of the most plentiful fishes off the coast of Maryland, Rockfish is served at just about any restaurant worth its salt in the state. What’s unique about this fish is that it is mild in taste and can take on the seasoning of the chef’s choice. It can be prepared at fancy restaurants or served with fewer frills at Mom-and-Pop shops. Diners can experience rockfish in various ways.

Cow Tails

Anyone with a sweet tooth would be wise to enjoy some cow tails during their trip to Maryland. The origins of this treat go back to the early 1900’s when Goetze Candy Company stumbled upon a new treat that became their signature product. Chewy caramel on the outside and sugar cream filling in the center is sliced into coin-sized shaped pieces before being wrapped. This delicious treat can also be enjoyed in long, rolled-out sticks, which are affectionately referred to as cow tails. Taylor Metzger does not recommend this treat to anyone currently wearing braces, as they will stick to your teeth.

Stuffed Ham

The most unique Maryland holiday dish has to be the stuffed ham. Preparing a Maryland-style stuffed ham is not easy, but the results are well worth the effort. A butterflied corned ham is stuffed with a mixture of onions, kale, and cabbage. Once stuffed completely, the ham is wrapped in cheesecloth and placed in boiling water. Once cooked, it spends an entire night in the fridge before it is served cold the next day. Something about the spice of the stuffing when mixed with the ham creates a bite that explodes with flavor. While traditionally served on special occasions like Thanksgiving or Easter, some Maryland residents are happy to prepare it whenever they get the chance.