Tamme McCauley Discusses the Most Popular Holiday Food Trends

Tamme McCauley Discusses the Most Popular Holiday Food Trends

Tamme McCauley Pacific Palisades

Tamme McCauley of Pacific Palisades is an entrepreneur and food connoisseur. In the following article, Tamme McCauley discusses popular holiday party dishes to present at your next event or use these ideas on a smaller scale to serve on the family table.

The snow has fallen in many areas in the north, and the holiday shopping season has started no matter where you live! While the festivities have only just begun, now is the perfect time to start thinking about some of the popular holiday food trends that have taken over. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, there is something for everyone!


Tamme McCauley of Pacific Palisades says that appetizers can be an introduction of what is to come and are a great way to sample various types of food. These appetizers below are sure to be a hit, even after the holidays are over.

• All Kinds of Charcuterie Boards

Tamme McCauley of Pacific Palisades says that charcuterie boards have been around since the Roman Empire but it was the French that invented the modern-day charcuterie. This season, charcuterie boards with a twist are all the rage.

While the original charcuterie features cheeses and meats, many are now offering dessert charcuterie boards, fondue charcuterie, and even pickle boards! The great thing about these apps is that they offer a wide variety and can cater to a whole host of tastes. Not only that, but the host can show off their creative side by presenting an eye-pleasing dish of colors, texture, and variety of foods.

• Bacon Wrapped Anything

Tamme McCauley of Pacific Palisades says that it is no secret that bacon is popular so why not add it to any number of appetizer dishes? From chestnuts to shrimp to asparagus, bacon adds a nice salty, smoky flavor to any number of food items. The secret is not to buy thick cut bacon, which will take too long to get crispy.

Tamme McCauley says that bacon can be paired with anything, but it is best to wrap it around food that has a more neutral flavor. Bacon by itself is already very flavorful and salty so it should complement the food, not compete with its flavor.

Main Courses

Hopefully, guests are not too full from the appetizers because the main courses should be the star of the show! Tamme McCauley says that these main courses have been trending on social media so why not try serving them at the next holiday party?

• Mac-N-Cheese with a Twist

Tamme McCauley says that mac-n-cheese is a favorite comfort food, but this holiday season, try one of the most popular food trends of today: mac-n-cheese with a twist! Instead of using traditional macaroni noodles, try using a dumpling-like food.

Gnocchi or potstickers taste amazing when drenched in melted cheese and because they are already stuffed with a filling, nothing else needs to be added to the dish (besides love, of course!)

• Various Meats

Turkey, pork, and chicken reign supreme when it comes to holiday meats, but recently, more people have been exploring other meat varieties, such as venison, duck, or bison. Many of these meats are less common, have less saturated fats and are leaner. There is also less environmental impact when consumers choose non-industrial meat explains Tamme McCauley.

More people today identify as vegan or vegetarian, so meatless options have increased in popularity. From Impossible Meat to jackfruit “meat,” there are more options than ever to choose from.


Tamme McCauley says to save the best for last, and dessert is no exception.


Even though there are several popular desserts that have lasted through the years, cookies are still a top choice for many people. Cookies have been especially trendy recently because they are so easy to personalize.

Tamme McCauley says that many bakeries and dessert shops have been experimenting with unique flavors like truffle oil or soy sauce. Why not try something a little off the wall this holiday season?

Tamme McCauley Pacific PalisadesDrinks

It would not be the holidays without a festive drink and below, these two capture the spirit of the holiday season.

• Mistletoe Jell-O Shots

Get the party started with Jell-O shots! Typically, these shots are made with green Jell-O but red can also be used. The ratio of water to alcohol is usually one and a half cups of water to half a cup of vodka, but this can be adjusted accordingly.

Mint goes well with the green (lime) Jell-O. For red Jell-O (cherry flavored), try some cinnamon sprinkled on top for a festive kick.

• Slow Cooked White Mulled Wine

Tamme McCauley says that when there’s a big party with a lot of attendees, this slow cooked white mulled wine is sure to be a winner and satisfy everyone’s beverage needs. Apples, pears, grapefruit, and ginger make for a cozy drink that’s perfect for sipping by a roaring fire.

One of the best things about this mulled wine? Sharing with friends and family.