Memories Of A Lifetime At Ocean City High School Prom 2017

Memories Of A Lifetime At Ocean City High School Prom 2017

The 2017 Prom King and Queen were awarded to Seniors Kyle Rumaker and Megan Keenan.

By Andrew DeCredico


When most people think of formal dances during their school years, nothing can top Prom. Ocean City High School is no exception. With over 500 kids attending, the red carpet was full of fashion and style. From the classic black tuxedo to a bright pink one, everyone was watching the red carpet to see the next style coming down the runway.

Amanda O’Connor and Nate Kohler ready to head off to the red carpet from home

While these looks may seem Hollywood, the boys and girls at the OCHS Prom showed that they can pull-off as much fashion as the Oscars red carpet. Many of the men featured the old time tested classic of a solid black tuxedo, with white undershirt and vest to match their date. Others decided to go with a more unique approach. Handsome suits and tuxedos were in-full force on the red carpet, with many men opting for something a little more unique. A Pink suit and a man in uniform from the Unites States Marine Corps are just a few of the stand-out ensembles from the red carpet.

A statement was made, but this suit matches the flowers on her dress perfectly!

As for the ladies, many of them went with the timeless long ballroom gowns that have become tradition in prom fashion. Other girls went with beautiful outfits that strayed away from tradition. Short but formal dresses and even jumpers were in style on the red carpet leading into the building.

For many years Ocean City High School has chosen to host its annual Junior/Senior Prom at the historic Flanders Hotel located just a few blocks from the high school itself. The Flanders Hotel provided a full dinner for them and many of the students couldn’t wait to dive into the delicious food. In addition to food, no prom would be complete without dancing. The Flanders had that covered as well. The hotel dedicated an entire room to dancing and livened up the atmosphere with a live DJ as well as a laser light show.

The food at prom was to die for, and many students went back for seconds.

When all is said and done the venue isn’t the only thing that makes prom special. A prom court must be crowned to make it official. Ocean City did just that. This year the prom prince and princess were juniors Dom Monteleone and Bridget McMenamin.  Besides a sash to let everyone know their title, the prince and princess were given a crown and tiara respectively.

Prom Prince and Princess, Dom Monteleone and Bridget McMenamin, with the prom court behind them

As for Prom King and Queen, the titles were given to seniors Kyle Rumaker and Megan Keenan. These prestigious titles came with golden sashes, including a crown for the king and a tiara for the queen.

After all of the partying at The Flanders, the students wound down with some ice cream before they left for the After Prom.  The students anxiously lined-up to catch the first bus so that they could be for first to see the decorations at After Prom that the parents and volunteers worked so tirelessly on.