Sports & Civic Center Facelift Heading for Spring Completion

Sports & Civic Center Facelift Heading for Spring Completion

The Sports & Civic Center is getting a new look.


With the summer of 2020 now in the rearview mirror, projects delayed in Ocean City to beautify, upgrade and overall improve city amenities for tourists and residents alike are finally moving along.

Pandemic-related delays in renovating the city’s outdated Sports & Civic Center at Sixth Street and the Boardwalk slowed the project down. But on Wednesday afternoon, a new exterior was beginning to take shape showcasing an updated look to the building that resembles the architectural renderings depicting the project over the last couple of years.

The renovation includes reconstruction of existing bathrooms, office areas, windows, the newly installed vestibule or overhang area, storage, and concessions space.

Repaving to the parking lot next to the sports complex began this week.

And it will be finished before the summer season, said Michael Allegretto, aide to Mayor Jay Gillian.

“Slowly, but surely, it is getting there. We had to wait for some delivery of the products delayed because of COVID. It is coming together,” Allegretto said. “Hopefully, by late spring, definitely Memorial Day, it should be completed. Certainly, the goal is always to finish these projects by Memorial Day, at the latest.”

He noted that the new main entranceway into the building already highlights the positive changes to the design of the building.

“It will be really nice. The whole look of it is being changed,” Allegretto said. “We are still working on the new bathrooms and locker rooms. When it is completed, it will be great for everyone to use, both the indoor and outdoor areas including the basketball courts.”

A newly paved parking lot adjacent to the complex tops off the overall upgraded appearance to the area, he said.

“The parking lot needed to be repaved for a long time now,” Allegretto said. “We are finally able to do it. We are trying to improve that entire area, and the parking lot is the final piece of that.”

The $3.2 million project to redesign the sports complex is being done by the lowest bidder, Capri Construction Co. Inc. of Vineland.

Over the years, the complex has been rented out for sporting events and fundraisers. It has been used as the staging area for nonprofit fundraisers such as the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign Walk/Run, Ocean City’s MS Walk and a host of other activities.

It is also widely used by teams at the adjacent turf field at Carey Stadium.

The sports complex is also rented by some college athletic programs for their workouts. Villanova University’s football team has practiced at the stadium for several years.

An architectural rendering depicts the new overhang that was just added to the Sports & Civic Center’s entrance as part of a major renovation. (Courtesy of City of Ocean City)