Sifting Sands Refurbishes Facilities

Sifting Sands Refurbishes Facilities

Workers sandblast the iconic neon sign of the Sifting Sands Motel on 9th St.

Much has been said and written about Ocean City’s efforts to spruce up its main gateway on 9th St.

Most of those efforts have centered on the acquisition and cleanup of former gas stations and other properties which had become blighted and created an eyesore first impression for visitors.

A public survey on what to do with 9th St. revealed 86 percent of the 191 respondents favored the creation of green space such as parks, seating areas and the like.  Other suggested uses included areas for biking and creating much-needed additional parking.

While the lion’s share of the attention has been paid to this work, a landmark 9th St. Motel is getting into the beautification act as well. It is currently undergoing a major facelift.

The Sifting Sands Motel at 840 Ocean Ave. (9th and Ocean) is currently being restored to the look of its 1950s and 60s glory days.

Workers were seen recently sandblasting the iconic Sifting Sands neon sign atop the roof of the property.

The street view of the Sifting Sands Motel, which is undergoing major repairs and beautification.
The street view of the Sifting Sands Motel, which is undergoing major repairs and beautification.

An employee told OCNJ Daily the sign was being repaired and restored as closely as possible to its original colors and look.

“The city does not allow the installation of new rooftop signs,” he said, “but we are permitted to keep this one and fix it. That sign is a big part of how people identify the property and we are excited about the prospect of a refurbished sign.”

The Motel, which is also a condominium with units currently for sale, includes a heated outdoor pool, on-site parking and a laundry room, among other amenities. For more information, call the Motel at 399-1178 or visit the Sifting Sands Facebook page.

A passerby paused to watch the work on the sign during a recent unseasonably warm day and gave his approval.

“It’s nice to see they are fixing it, because it’s kind of a landmark. That’s a cool sign,” he said.