Please Stop the Threats! I Didn’t Print the Van Drew Editorial 

Please Stop the Threats! I Didn’t Print the Van Drew Editorial 

Ken Wisnefski, CEO and founder of WebiMax and owner of

As the owner of, I wanted to set the record straight that OCNJDaily was not the publication that printed the controversial editorial related to Congressman Jeff Van Drew that has become national news over the past week.

I have personally received several calls and emails threatening harm to myself and my family due to the confusion over which publication printed the story.

For clarity, The Ocean City Sentinel was the publication that printed the editorial and I request that all thoughts and opinions be directed to them exclusively.

I too am appalled at the lack of journalistic integrity displayed by The Ocean City Sentinel.

Threats of harm are not supported by freedom of the press and while this may have been a publicity stunt on their part, its unintended consequences have adversely impacted those who have no affiliation or connection to this situation whatsoever.

I want to personally thank the Ocean City Police Department for their assistance in this matter and to our loyal readers for continuing to support OCNJDaily and the journalistic integrity we seek to uphold each day.


Ken Wisnefski

Founder/CEO, OCNJDaily