Pink Moon Puts on Spectacular Sky Show Above Ocean City

Pink Moon Puts on Spectacular Sky Show Above Ocean City

Last nights "pink" moon over the rocks on Surf Road's beach.

It really was pink!

The scientific community seemed to be divided on whether or not the so-called Pink Moon would be in evidence last night.

The April full moon, which peaked yesterday and reached its fullest point around 2 a.m., is not named after its hue, but pink wild flowers called wild ground phlox, known to bloom around this time each year and are prevalent throughout the continental United States and Canada.

It started as just a glimmer of pink

The fullest phase of the full Pink Moon is the time when the moon is directly opposite side of the Earth as the sun. As most Ocean City residents and visitors know, this can cause higher tides. Scientists were not calling for the moon to look pink, but they were expecting a big and bright full moon.

Then it was a little more defined

Despite this, stargazers on the beach were thrilled to see a full moon above the ocean, which started out slightly pink and gained more of a pink shade as the early evening wore on. Apparently, the moon never got the memo it “shouldn’t be” pink.

As the night grew darker, the pink moon rose in the sky.

In case you missed the celestial sky show, OCNJDaily was at the beach to capture the moment.