OCTC Halloween Party Is The Best Of The Year

OCTC Halloween Party Is The Best Of The Year


By Andrew DeCredico

October 28th marked the day for the Ocean City Theater Company, also known as OCTC, Annual Halloween party. Every year OCTC puts on a fundraiser for their organization, it just so happens that this annual fundraiser is one of the biggest and best private parties on the island.

Every year a costume contest is held and everyone puts in their best effort and ideas to win. On Saturday night many people showed up in costumes, which had been painstakingly thought up and crafted. This year’s winners were no different than previous years with originality, hilarity, and a lot of hard work put into every costume.

Led in by their captain, the crew from The Titanic marched their ship into The Ocean City yacht Club. Luckily there were no icebergs on the dance floor.

“This year’s party is great,” said Michael Hartman, of OCTC. “Everyone’s having a good time, and it’s cool to see all of the different walks of life in Ocean City come together for a party. It’s also great to see the adults in town having a fun night out.” He also made sure to say thank you to all of their sponsors which included Fox Real Estate, Hartman Construction Service Inc., Gary Prettyman, The Kirner Family, Scott and Jodee Wagner, and Wilson Plumbing.

Joe and Karen Delsordo ARRived in full scallyway garb.

Funds from the party go toward OCTC putting on their plays, which can be very expensive even to buy the rights to. The rights to perform a single play or musical can sometimes be upwards of six thousand dollars, and that is just the beginning of the expenses to put on a production.

Erica and her husband Kevin Scaffer had the most NSFW costume of the night. The couple never told anyone how that box stayed there.

“Overall productions can be expensive.” said Hartman. “a lot of times, the ticket sales to see the show won’t even cover the cost of the rights to the play, so these fundraisers help out a ton with the cost.”

Throughout the night everyone had a blast, and some may have had a little too much fun. Luckily all of the attendees made it home safely and OCTC hosted another amazing Halloween party.

OCTC’s Michael Hartman and Erica Schaffer had a blast at this year’s party!

Be sure to see The Ocean City Theater Company’s production of A Christmas Carrol: The Musical which opens its doors on December 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th at 7:30pm. If a matinee is more your style, OCTC will also be performing on December 10th and 16th at 2:00pm.

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