OCHS Senior Given a Night to Remember

OCHS Senior Given a Night to Remember


By Kelsea Pearce

Last year, Trevon Dorn who is a current senior at OCHS with Autism, tried out for the basketball team for the first time. He was asked by the coach, John Bruno, to be team manager and was given a practice jersey. Trevon accepted the position and has made it to almost every single practice and game since. Over the past two years, Trevon and his teammates developed great friendships, supporting and encouraging each other every step of the way. He often participates in practice drills with the team and always leads the chant in group huddles. The dedication Trevon holds for the basketball team truly cannot be missed.


Last Saturday, February 20th, was “Senior Night,” where all the starting seniors were going to have their names announced before the game against Wildwood. Couch Bruno and the team felt that it was only right to have Trevon’s name announced as well, so on Friday after practice, Bruno handed Trevon his very own uniform.


“The smile on his face was a moment I will never forget… and when his teammates began to congratulate him, it just made me realize how much Trevon had become a vital member of our team.”- John Bruno


It was an amazing moment seeing Trevon walk out onto the court when his name was called on Saturday with his mother and father watching proudly as they took endless pictures. Then came the start of the game, with Trevon on the court getting his one chance to play. He wasted no time getting the ball in his possession, dribbling towards the basket and taking shots. In a moment of pure bliss, Trevon made a basket and the crowd went wild as he jumped up and down with excitement.


“His teammates mobbed him as if he had won the state championship, and after that Trevon joined us on the bench and took his seat as a team member of the Ocean City Basketball team. That’s when I realized that sports are more than just winning and losing, it is these types of moments that make me proud to be a coach and have the opportunity to work with such tremendous young people.”- John Bruno


Wildwood, and their Head Coach, Scott McCracken, were more than supportive and the night became one everyone will remember forever.