OCHS Football Unveils New Tackle Technology

OCHS Football Unveils New Tackle Technology

The MVP Drive is designed to make football practice safer. (Courtesy Ocean City School District)

The Ocean City School District announced the Football MVP of the Year – the MVP Drive. It’s the world’s first self-righting, remote controlled tackling dummy from Rogers Athletic Company and was designed to create safer football practices.

According to Rogers Athletic website, “Sixty to 75 percent of head trauma occurs in practice, not in games.”

Currently, the dummy is in use by the NCAA Division I, Ivy League schools, the NFL and now Ocean City High School.

Rogers Athletic partnered with Mobile Virtual Player to create a dummy with these key features:

  • Padded, remote-controlled, 198-pound figure
  • Quick speeds: 40 yards in up to 7 seconds
  • Quick direction changes
  • More tackling repetitions
  • Realistic tackle simulation

According to OCHS Head Coach Kevin Smith, “Football has been on the attack as of late with people saying it’s not a safe sport. I believe football is safer than ever, and it’s advances like this that allow us to make it safer.”


The MVP Drive helps reinforce proper tackling technique by moving forward and swiveling to adjust its path. Players must maneuver to hit the dummy properly to make a tackle. The dummy then rights itself after the tackle and can drive again with the remote control. Now the team can work through different scenarios in practice without hurting a teammate or initiate full-speed contact without causing teammates head and neck injuries.

The Varsity Football team was introduced to this new technology after Labor Day. Coaches Kevin Smith and Sean Matthews demonstrated how the MVP Drive could steer through them, bump into them, back up and take off on the turf (or grass). A few of the seniors had a shot at tackling the MVP Drive.

“Safety is the number one priority for all of our students including our student athletes,” Schools Superintendent Kathleen Taylor. “We are thrilled to be able to provide this new technology to our football program and ensure that the players are protected against unnecessary risk in the process.”

The MVP Drive helps football players practice tackles. (Courtesy Ocean City School District)

Vincent Leavey, Athletic Director for the Ocean City School District said, “Now each and every player can make full speed tackles, run drills and punt without imminent injury and consistently train at the highest level.”

For more information on the MVP Drive visit www.rogersathletic.com or www.mobilevirtualplayer.com.