Ocean City to Bring Back Seagull-Chasing Raptors

If you’re swimming in the ocean and suddenly the lifeguard yells “Shark!” what would you do?
You’d get the heck out of the water – fast.
That’s pretty much how a seagull reacts when a falcon flies overhead, Joe Kosakowski explained.
“Falcons are like the great white shark of the sky. When you put them in the air, all of the other birds leave.”
Kosakowski and his son, Matt, are the owners of Wildlife Control Specialists, LLC, a Lebanon, N.J., company that has an assortment of trained raptors and specializes in keeping pesky birds like seagulls away from people.
The company has been awarded a $193,600 contract by City Council to prevent the gulls from bothering Ocean City’s tourists and residents on the beaches and Boardwalk this summer.