Ocean City Car Buffs Show Muscle, Style With Weekend of Wheels

Ocean City Car Buffs Show Muscle, Style With Weekend of Wheels

Corvettes will parade down the Ocean City Boardwalk on Sept. 10.


There was a whole lot of muscle, style and class on the Ocean City Boardwalk this weekend.

And all of those attributes fittingly went to the hot rods and Corvettes that gave car buffs more than enough to admire.

Whether it was a 1946 Chevy pickup truck that attracted the attention of crowds on Saturday during the hot rods show, or a gleaming red 1962 Corvette on Sunday, there were wheels of all kinds that intrigued over the weekend.

Dave Fiedler says it took a couple of years to restore his vintage Chevy pickup truck.

The easy job was definitely the ride over to Ocean City, noted some owners of the meticulously cared for cars.

On Saturday, Dave Fiedler, of Absecon, was pleased to take home “Best in Show,” which was awarded to him by the city for his 1946 Chevy pickup truck.

“I am humbled that I received the award,” Fiedler said.

Fiedler said he was pleased that the work that went into the restoration did not go unnoticed.

“To fully restore it, it took six years,” he said, adding that he restored a Model A some years back.

This Chevy captured attention.

Some of the cars and trucks on display were modified. Some were low riders.

There were Cadillacs that were chopped and practically sat right on the Boardwalk. There were some bright colored cars, too — from oranges to purples to sapphire blue.

The muscle cars on display stood out without all the fanfare. A cool 1970 Chevy Chevelle commanded attention, as did a blue early 1970s Pontiac.

While Saturday brought the muscle, Sunday was all about the all-American supercar, the Corvette, where looks and brawn have it.

Lance and Edie Gravener, of Mays Landing, are content with their Corvette.

Lance and Edie Gravener, of Mays Landing, stand next to their 1956 Corvette.

For Lance, restoring the 1956 Corvette was just enough work to get his fill of restoration work. And the rewards are plenty.

“We’ve had it since 1994,” Lance said of their car, which the couple affectionately named “Slide.”

He pulled out an old photo album and pointed to an old photograph of the ‘Vette.

But the classic car was a deep blue instead of the vermilion red it is now painted.

“It took two and a half years to restore,” Lance noted. “It’s my first and only restoration.”

Edie added, “It’s a nice ride. And I love singing the song Little Red Corvette.”

Clyde and Sharon Sutton, of Millville, with their 1962 Corvette.

Clyde and Sharon Sutton, of Millville, said their bright red 1962 ‘Vette was meant to be.

Five years ago, Clyde got a call from the owner of an automotive shop in Hammonton.

It was the same shop where Clyde caught a glimpse of the car eight years earlier.

“When I approached the owner about selling it, he said, ‘No, it isn’t for sale,'” Clyde explained. “I gave him my card and said, ‘If you ever change your mind, call me.’ I got a call eight years later.”

The car still shined as it did when Clyde first brought it home.

“This is now a 15-year restoration, and look at it,” he said. “Everything is original to spec. There are no restoration modifications.”

Onlookers check out the Corvettes.

The car has a hard top and a foldable convertible top.

“I love it and it is a lot of fun to drive in,” noted Sharon.

As for other vintage cars, Clyde said this, “No, just this one. One is all I could afford.”

Marion and Dave Inglesby, of Hammonton, attended the car show to cheer on their friend, Joe Berenato, of Hammonton, in his 2019 Corvette.

“We thought we’d come to support Joe,” Marion noted.

“We have been shopping for an old Corvette,” added Dave. “We came down in our 1994 Oldsmobile. Maybe someday we will get a ‘Vette.”

Marion and Dave Inglesby, of Hammonton, join their buddy, Joe Berenato, of Hammonton, as he rides along in his 2019 Corvette.
Martin Fiedler, of Mays Landing, stands next to his 1979 MG.
This 1970s-era Pontiac attracts some admirers.
Vintage to new Corvettes rolled down the Boardwalk.