Ocean City Announces 2018 Baby Parade Contest Winners

Ocean City Announces 2018 Baby Parade Contest Winners

These fire fighters take their jobs seriously at Ocean City's Baby Parade Thursday morning, where adorned kids in strollers, wagons and floats kept crowds amused. (City of Ocean City)

Bamberger Award

Number: 101

Names: Parker Cornick

Theme: Pearl of Peck’s Beach

Parents: Liz Cornick

Hanscom Award

Number: 300

Names: Teagan, Delia and Jonas Byer

Theme: The Circus Comes To Ocean City

Parents: Jared and Kelly Byer

Dahlhausen Award

Number: 204

Names: Jonathan Jones-Carafa

Theme:  Ginger Beach House

Parents: Jennifer Jones

Canale Award

Number: 501

Names:  Tyler and Summer Freeman

Theme:  OCBP Twins

Parents: Melissa Freeman

Most Outstanding Twins or Triplets

Number:  710

Names: Garret, Liam and Payton Rose Friel

Theme:  OCFD: Ocean City Friel Department

Parents: Deborah Friel

Greatest Distance Traveled

Number: 302

Names: Gabriella Papapietro

Theme:  Strolling Southern Belle From Saratoga, California

Parents: Fran Papapietro

Division A (Fancy) Section 100 (under age 2) Winner

Number: 107

Names:  Victoria and Giuliana LaMota, Jacob Pensky

Theme:  The Wizard of OZ

Parents: Nicole and Antonio LaMota, Griselda and Brian Pensky

Judges had lots of floats to choose from. (City of Ocean City)

Division A Section 100 Runner Up

Number:  100

Names:  Scarlet Bernacki

Theme:  Miss Scarlet, Fresh from “The Gardens”

Parents: Janae Bernacki

Division A Section 200 Winner

Number: 205

Names:  Kendall and Shannon Donnelly

Theme: Princess Tea Party

Parents:  Pamela Donnelly

Division A Section 200 Runner Ups

Number:  203

Names: Jackson and Cameron Davis

Theme: Up, Up and Away

Parents: Lori Davis-Griffin

Division A Section 300 Winner

Number: 303

Names:  Grace and Tierney Kane

Theme:  Fairy Garden Princess

Parents: Kelly Kane

Division A Section 300 Runner Ups

Number: 302

Names: Gabriella Papapietro

Theme:  Strolling Southern Belle

Parents: Fran Papaietro

Division B Section 400 Winner

Number:  408

Names:   Vivian Firmani

Theme:  Rock Lobster

Parents:  Rebecca Firmani

Division B Section 400 Runner Ups

Number:  400

Names:  Victoria Selby

Theme:   Splish Splash

Parents:  Christina Selby

Division B Section 500 Winner

Number: 504

Names:  Mackenzie and Ava Young, Aleissia Strama, and Audrey Doggendorf

Theme:   Go Granny Go

Parents:  Amy Young

Division B Section 500 Runner Ups

Number:  509

Names: Lilian Albright and Thomas Dickinson Jr.

Theme:  Going Ape for OC Golf

Parents:  Lindsay Dickinson

Division B Section 600 Winner

Number:  600

Names:  Sophia, Gloria and Katelynn Neal, and Sebastian and Isabella Lynch

Theme: Cruella De Vil

Parents: Adrienne Marquette

Division B Section 600 Runner Ups

Number: 601

Names: Rayleigh, Dillon, Ainsley and Grayson Forrester, Ava and Adler Shappell, and Elijah Poole

Theme: The Greatest Show

Parents:  Kelsey Ernst, Blair Poole, Jessica Shappell

Division C Winner

Number:  708

Names:  Ryan and Angela Medio

Theme:  Ocean City Knows This is the Greatest Show

Parents:  Cindy Medio

Division C Runner Ups

Number:  703

Names:   Kevin Kohlmann

Theme:  Cowboy Kevin on the Tail East

Parents: Keith Kohlmann

Number:  700

Names:  Eddie Kloss

Theme: Helicopter Eddie

Parents:  Ed and Kim Kloss

Best Float           

Ocean City Theatre Company’s Spotlight Performers Show Choir

Best Musical Act             

Ed Coles Entertainers