O.C. Schools Planning “Next Big Step” For In-Person Instruction

O.C. Schools Planning “Next Big Step” For In-Person Instruction

The Primary School will be the first in the district to offer five days of in-person instruction since the pandemic.

The Ocean City School District is one of the few districts in the state to continue to keep their doors open with hybrid scheduling since the start of the fall 2020 school year.

District leaders and community members have expressed their commitment to the safety of the students and staff, acknowledging the risks the pandemic has presented, while gaining valuable insight for day-to-day teaching.

With this, they plan their “next big step,” which is reopening their doors for five consecutive in-person instructional days, the district announced in a press release Tuesday.

The beginning of February is the current targeted reopening beginning with grades kindergarten to fifth, as explained in a letter released to parents on Jan. 12 from Schools Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Taylor.

“These grades have the lowest number of students per grade and the largest classroom space, which enables us to reopen our K-5 classrooms for those students in our in-person instruction program,” Dr. Taylor said.

Students in Pre-K and grades 6-12 will continue hybrid instruction with additional student-teacher time. Students enrolled in virtual learning will continue their schedule as is.

“It’s been a group effort to get the district to where it is now. Everyone has worked hard and utilized every ounce of information we’ve been able to accumulate over the last five months to feel confident in our strategy to open for five-day instruction,” Dr. Taylor said.

She continued, “As we work to enact this next phase, we will continue to practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible, as well as continue to enforce the current CDC guidelines, ultimately aiding in a full reopen. Students and staff will also benefit from added Plexiglass barriers and other equipment.”

The district continues to urge all community members to follow social distancing guidelines, wear a mask and not to gather in large groups.

For more information click on the link to read Dr. Taylor’s letter. https://ocnjdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Ltr-to-School-Community-1-12-21.pdf

Parents in the Intermediate and Primary schools will receive additional information on the return to a five-day schedule as well as a survey in the coming week.

Updates will be posted via SwiftK-12 messaging, social media, as well as the OCSD website.

The current Hybrid Plan and additional COVID-Prevention guidelines can be found on the district website, oceancityschools.org.