Mike DeVlieger: A Track Record of Getting Things Done for Ocean City

Mike DeVlieger: A Track Record of Getting Things Done for Ocean City

Mike DeVlieger was elected 3 times as the 1st Ward Councilman. He is now running for Council At-Large and is asking for your vote on May 10th. - Paid for by Neighbors supporting DeVlieger for Council


By Michael DeVlieger

On May 10th, Ocean City residents will have the opportunity to vote for (3) candidates for Council At-Large seats. There are (6) candidates running. I am asking for your vote.

Why should you vote for me?

  • I am uniquely qualified for the job.
  • I work hard and I do my homework on the issues that matter most to our residents.
  • I am passionately opposed to the Wind Turbine Industrial Park and will battle Orsted and the state to keep them from running their power lines through Ocean City and endangering our marine environment. Their plan will negatively affect our tourism, real estate values, taxes, and quality of life.
  • 9 years of experience helping the 1st Ward improve: roads and drainage, dredging, boardwalk, and beach replenishment.
  • Spearheaded the committee to build a world class skate park in Ocean City. Which included participating in the site location selection, design, funding (applied and won a $500,000 grant from the County of Cape May) and construction management.
  • Supported every effort to keep taxes reasonable.
  • Supported the effort to stop using chemical pesticides on our athletic fields and public spaces.

What is at stake?

  • The City’s 2022 budget is roughly $88 million. That is an awful lot of money. There needs to be checks and balances. The taxpaying public needs to know that no one will have a blank check or “no bid” contracts.
  • Ocean Wind — Many will tell you that we have “no choice” but to allow them to build 99 (950 feet above sea level) turbines, 15 miles offshore. This industrial park would be visible from our beaches. I will not sit back idly and let it happen.
  • The delicate balance that keeps Ocean City “America’s Greatest Family Resort” can be easily changed with just 4 votes on Council. Please choose wisely.
Mike DeVlieger is asking for your vote, so that he can return to City Council. He welcomes your questions and will be happy to schedule time to meet with individuals or groups. He can be reached at 609-231-8987.

What do some of your neighbors have to say?

“There isn’t anyone better to fight for our city and the taxpayers than Mike DeVlieger.  There’s no one I would rather have advocating for Ocean City and me, than my friend Mike.” -Bob Barr, City Council President

“I have had the privilege to be friends with Mike DeVlieger for many years. He successfully represented the 1st Ward for most of the last 10 years. I have always been impressed with his independent, fierce and loyal commitment to achieving results for the people of Ocean City. I encourage all residents of OC to vote for Mike on 5/10 for at-large City Council. He has a strong track record and I know he will deliver positive solutions, outcomes and results that will be beneficial to the entire island!” Terry Crowley, 1st Ward Councilman

“From the moment I was elected to Council it was obvious to me that Mike was a person of the people. During our time together on Council we shared many conversations about Ocean City. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike is in this for all of the right reasons, and I am happy to support him in his journey to at-large council. I’m very much looking forward to working with Mike again.” -Jody Levchuk, 3rd Ward Councilman

“Mike was a great independent voice on Council that always looked out for the 1st Ward, as well as the rest of the island. He took the time to learn as much as he could when it came to the big votes. We need people to be independent thinkers, and not “yes” people. That is why I will be voting for Mike!” –Tomaso Rotondi, 2nd Ward Councilman and Candidate for Council At-Large

(I will be voting for Tom, and I could make the very same statement about him).

“I have known Mike for a long time and consider him a dear friend and a “brother.” He has a wonderful heart and generous spirit along with a sharp mind. We have shared talks about our love of God and others as we travel through this crazy life. Our large families grew up together in OC and I have worked with Mike in fundraising and team building as we struggled to try and keep our local Catholic grade school open and always appreciated his dedication of service for others. I would love to have him back as one of our city leaders.” –Harry Vanderslice, Former Councilman and Business Owner

“Mike DeVlieger has had an outstanding record in our Ocean City community. He understands families, tourists, business and our local politics. Whenever I have had a city/school issue, Mr. DeVlieger has always been compliant and available to roll up his sleeves and work hard. Adjectives to describe Mike: honest, diligent, brilliant, advocate, accountable, leader.” –Cecilia Gallelli-Keyes, Member of the Ocean City Board of Education 

 “Thanks for what you and the others taking the stance you have taken. I can guarantee that if no bid got in for Merion Park it would be messed up and that is my position as a Professional Engineer.” Marty Mozzo, 4th Ward Resident and Retired Professional Engineer

“When my family and I were living in the First Ward, we noticed the streets were in poor condition. Mike was quick to work with residents, listen to their concerns and develop a commonsense plan to start fixing the potholes and pave the streets that were in need of repair. When the skate park was demolished at the Civic Center, the community lost a unique recreation asset that our children came to love and enjoy. Mike again worked with the community and county to bring an even better skate park back to the community that has since exceeded anyone’s wild dreams. This park is used by our youth and adults 365 days a year and will continue to be pay dividends for Ocean City in the years to come.”Brian Hartley, 4th Ward Resident and Business Executive

“Mike is a dedicated public servant. He takes the time to listen to the needs and concerns of others. He will always do what he can to help the people of Ocean City.” –Alex and Donna Oves, Business Owners and longtime friends

Mike spearheaded a planning committee that organized the skateboard park. When I got divorced, Mike said if you need anything “I am here” and he was. He helped me as long as I needed him. He’s a good, genuine guy and I have known him forever. -Chuck Palermo, 1st Ward Resident and lifelong friend

“Mike served as a Board member and 1st Ward Captain for OCNJ Care. Mike stepped up early and often following Hurricane Sandy, to help Ocean City residents and businesses recover.”-Andrew Fasy, Chairperson OCNJ Care

Mike has always been there for everyone in Ocean City. He is the true meaning of community first. He’s always been one to look at the issue at hand and think what is best for everyone, not himself. He’s been there for all of our kids by spearheading the skatepark, which has been a huge success. Carl Wanek, President of Junior Raider Football

“Mike is very generous with his time … more than willing to help out any organization or person with just about anything.” -Greg Young, Junior Raider Wrestling

Mike has been our neighbor for 18 years. We trust him to work hard, be proactive and always do the right thing for the community of Ocean City. –Jim and Donna Kelly, Business Owners, longtime neighbors & friends

“I have known Mike for 40 years. He has always been a man for others. A compassionate, kind and honest person. Everything you want in a community leader but will never find in your typical politician.” –Bill Rauner, 1st Ward Resident and longtime friend

“My father has and always will put you before himself, even throughout the good, the bad and the ugly. He will always show his true colors; you can always count on him.” –Flynn DeVlieger, College Student and Son of the candidate

I’ve lived my entire life around my father, so I can say with complete certainty that Ocean City is not just a town to him. It is his home. He raised our family here. He has always been one to step up, speak out and take action on what is best for our family and Ocean City. –Reagan DeVlieger, OCHS Student and Daughter of the candidate

Ocean City Councilman Mike DeVlieger led a committee of city representatives and skaters that helped secure a $500,000 grant from Cape May County to build the park.

My name is Mike DeVlieger and I am asking for your vote. If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to call me at (609) 231-8987. I would be happy to meet with you and discuss any Ocean City-related topics. 

Paid for by Neighbors supporting DeVlieger for Council