Mary Huttlinger Discusses Cincinnati’s Industry Growth in Thriving Uptown

Mary Huttlinger Discusses Cincinnati’s Industry Growth in Thriving Uptown

Mary Huttlinger Cincinnati

Mary Huttlinger of Cincinnati has over 25 years’ experience working on grassroots and community outreach initiatives. Her passion lies in helping people and organizations find their voice and increase their impact in the communities they serve. In the following article, Mary Huttlinger discusses the booming economy in Cincinnati’s Uptown neighborhoods, the rapid industry growth, and how these Uptown neighborhoods are bringing the community closer in 2022 and beyond.

Uptown Cincinnati, otherwise known as the Center of Innovation, boasts five major neighborhoods — Avondale, Clifton, Corryville, CUF (Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview), and Mt. Auburn. Home to multiple health care and educational establishments critical to Greater Cincinnati’s economy, the recent industry growth has revitalized the district’s community.

The important institutions, dubbed the Anchor Institutions, have contributed massively to the area’s economic boom. But they haven’t done it alone. Mary Huttlinger of Cincinnati says that the multitude of auxiliary businesses has also played a vital role in improving the region’s wealth and neighborly spirit.

Uptown Cincinnati’s Overwhelming Economic Impact and Rapid Industry Growth

As per The Economic Impact of Uptown Cincinnati on the Cincinnati MSA report states, the area’s Anchor Institutions include:

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
  • Cincinnati Zoo
  • University of Cincinnati
  • TriHealth
  • UC Health

All of the above, bar Cincinnati Zoo, also operate outside the uptown region explains Mary Huttlinger.

The Anchor Institutions alone generate a whopping $9 billion every year, providing 85,304 jobs with earnings reaching $6.2 billion.

Alongside the six most crucial establishments, 1,092 auxiliary businesses operate in 276 industries. Such diversity has proved wholly beneficial for the area as 2020 saw these companies generate $3.1 million in yearly sales and showcased earnings of $1.5 million across 27 residents.

Together, Mary Huttlinger of Cincinnati says that the institutions and businesses make jaw-dropping contributions to Cincinnati MSA’s economy, as well as the entire State of Ohio. Their overall economic output is $20.1 billion, with 180,000 job roles provided, with earnings reaching roughly $12 billion.

Mary Huttlinger CincinnatiUptown’s Tax Advantages

Mary Huttlinger says that with increased sales comes boosted production, with expanded production comes higher outgoings. Thus, the rising business expenditures provide fantastic tax revenues for state and local governments within the Cincinnati MSA area.

In 2020, the Anchor Institutions and auxiliary businesses in the distracted generated an impressive $586.3 million in tax for the governments, split like this:

  • $293 million income tax for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana governments
  • $108.1 million sales tax for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana governments
  • $157.7 million income tax for Cincinnati MSA municipalities
  • $27.5 million sales tax for Cincinnati MSA municipalities

Economic Performance Promoting Peak Job Happiness

Mary Huttlinger of Cincinnati explains that Uptown has outperformed the City of Cincinnati and the whole of Ohio over the last 20 years.

Thousands of jobs were lost between 2001 and 2020 in Ohio and Cincinnati, but Uptown added a whopping 3,478 jobs to its repertoire, creating a 9.2% increase in employment.

On top of that, Mary Huttlinger says that wages increased faster than in other areas, promoting exceptional job happiness and making residents’ lives that little bit easier.

How Four of Uptown’s Neighborhoods Will Continue to Bring the Community Closer in 2022 and Beyond

So, with all this wealth and industry growth, how are local governments planning to continue uplifting the community in the years to come?

Well, officials in the four neighborhoods seem to keep Uptown Cincinnati pressing forward by erecting more affordable housing units, fostering community connections, improving road signage, and so much more explains Mary Huttlinger.

Affordable Housing in Avondale

The Avondale Community Council has always promoted its neighborhood as being a haven of business and play opportunities for everybody. But in 2022, they hope to double down on this by constructing and improving affordable housing.

Tony Moore, ACC’s president, says the Council believes they won’t just provide more opportunities this way but increase the area’s diversity too.

Mary Huttlinger says that another organization committed to increasing diversity is the Avondale Development Corporation. They plan to use their awarded grant to fund real estate developments, boost home ownership, and enact quality-of-life projects.

Clocktower Construction in Clifton

Events, programs, and installations are at the forefront of the minds of those at Clifton Town Meeting (CTM), the official council. They’re hoping this focus shift will add to its already present sense of community.

Among other events like summer and spring concerts, Gerald Checco, the new CTM president, will construct a clocktower on Clifton and Ludlow avenues dedicated to first responders during the COVID-19 crisis.

Improved Wayfinding in Corryville

Mary Huttlinger of Cincinnati says that residents in Corryville will benefit from all manner of safety features, including an upgraded Living Wall, improved street lighting, new signage, and other events related to public protection. After all, when people feel safe, they’re more likely to engage with their neighbors and uphold a strong community essence.

Fostering Relationships in Mt. Auburn

The Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce has dedicated 2022 to re-establishing its networking, growth, and positive efforts for its community by trying to grow the diversity of the area’s businesses even further.