Martin Z. Mollusk Day Festivities Set for Thursday Morning

Martin Z. Mollusk Day Festivities Set for Thursday Morning

Martin Z. Mollusk sees his shadow and predicts the arrival of summer a week early in Ocean City, NJ, on May 1, 2014 — indoors on the Ocean City Music Pier.

Martin Z. Mollusk, Ocean City’s weather-predicting mascot, will attempt to see his shadow once again at 11 a.m. Thursday (May 7) on the beach beside the Ocean City Music Pier (between Eighth and Ninth streets).

If the hermit crab does see his shadow, summer will come a week early to Ocean City, as local legend has it. And in an an amazing feat of meteorological chance, winking and squinting, Martin has seen his shadow in all but one of the past 40+ years. In a heavy fog last year, Martin’s handlers brought him inside the Music Pier and he saw his shadow under bright spotlights.

The tongue-in-cheek event is an annual tradition that usually does mark the arrival of nicer early-season weather in Ocean City. The human forecast for Thursday: mostly cloudy with a high of 64 degrees.

The Ceremony starts at 11 a.m. with a parade to the beach while the Ocean City High School Band plays “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Celebrities in the procession include: Martin Z and Mollie Mollusk; Dr. Frankenstein and Nurse Perfect, who check Martin’s vital signs prior to his creep; and Shelley the Mermaid, aka Suzanne Muldowney who will sing “Some Enchanted Morning” to psyche Martin into effort.

The World’s only Wind Chimes Band will entertain onlookers; Doug Jewell, the Pirate will provide security. The Ocean City Fish will squish. Miss Ocean City Kendall Coughlin, Junior Miss Ocean City Megan Keenan and Little Miss Ocean City Hope Aita will greet onlookers and pose for photos.

Big Momma Llama of Bready Farms in Tuckahoe will shake her head if Martin sees his shadow. Preschoolers and children will receive a miniature, shell replica of Martin.