Margie Crumpton on Four Fashion Trends Taking Shape this Year

Margie Crumpton on Four Fashion Trends Taking Shape this Year

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Margie Crumpton is a video producer, fashion blogger, and full-time college student. Below Margie discusses how recent international fashion shows are shaping the looks of 2022.

Paris Couture Week was alive and well, bringing new looks from Fendi, Chanel, and Schiaparelli. If you missed out on the action, don’t worry. Margie Crumpton explains that you can still stay up to date on all of the latest fashion trends here. Here are the details you need to stay looking fresh in the new year.

Spring 2022 kicks off with a shift away from the usual bright and sunny looks you’d expect. This year seems to be dominated by muted blacks, whites, and greys, sharp and athletic cuts, and flashbacks to the 1990s. Expect to see grand statement pieces paired with restrained garments.

Margie Crumpton says that if you live for fashion, check out the four trends that we expect to take over in spring 2022. They’ve already walked the runways of Paris and Copenhagen and soon they’ll be walking your streets too.

Trend #1 – Muted Color Palettes

Spring collections are usually dominated by splashes of vibrant color and decoration, but designers seem to be departing from this standard by opting for muted greys, blacks, and whites. Furthermore, minimalism seems to be making a comeback as designers harken back to mid-century color palettes without the flashy décor that you’d normally expect from a spring collection.

This could likely be a statement on the ongoing gloom and despair gripping the globe as we enter the third calendar year of a viral pandemic and face the possibility of a new war on the European continent. Whatever the reason, Margie Crumpton of Jackson MS says to join the trend by sticking with blacks, whites, and greys this spring.

Trend #2 – Sharp and Athletic Cuts

Video producer Margie Crumpton explains that gone are the days of flowy gowns and baggy hoodies. 2022 looks to be the year that sharp angles, clean lines, and athletic figures make a comeback. As athleisure brands continue to grow more powerful in the fashion industry, their dedication to sporty silhouettes and non-standard materials seems to be leaking into the mainstream.

Expect to see abs on display this spring as crop-tops make their way off of TikTok and into the general public. Other sporty features you can work into your style include off-the-shoulder straps, tube tops, and other skin-exposing garments.

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Trend #3 – A Return to the ‘90s

If you thought skin-tight tops, spaghetti straps, and baggy jeans had breathed their last breath, you’ll be surprised to learn that the ‘90s are making a comeback. Margie Crumpton says perhaps it’s because of a youthful dedication to nostalgia or the influence of more athletic-based designs but don’t be surprised to see skin-tight looks at every turn.

Jean-Paul Gaultier debuted a skin-tight top made entirely of laced ribbon at Paris Couture Week, signally to the world that the ‘90s never left. Meanwhile, mini-skirts and other nostalgic articles of clothing could be seen sprinkled throughout Miu Miu’s runway collection.

Join the trend by pairing the baggiest pair of denim jeans you own with your tightest top and you’ll look like you’ve teleported straight out of the 1990s. If you still own a tube top, work it into your style for added abs and nostalgic flashbacks.

Trend #4 – Big Statement Pieces

Margie Crumpton explains that 2022 might be a year of austere color palettes and slim fits but that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on your accessories too. Paris Couture Week was overrun with large statement pieces, flashy golden accessories, and outstanding crystal and feather gowns. The trick is to offset your statement pieces with something less grand.

Elie Saab presented intricately woven feathers paired with restrained crystals and corsets at Couture Week, while Schiaparelli walked fabulous golden chest pieces set against simple black blazers. Although these looks likely won’t find a place in your local grocery store, that doesn’t mean you can’t join the trend in your own way.

For some added flair, don’t be afraid to wear larger bangles, decorate your body with jewelry, or play around with makeup. The point is to offset your austere black and grey color palette with a splash of excitement and luxury. The grand it looks, the more on-trend you’ll be.

Final Fashion Thoughts

2022 looks set to be a year of nostalgic comebacks, muted colors, and grand displays of style according to Margie Crumpton. What sets the run apart, though, is the general anything-goes attitude we’ve seen. From oversized trench coats of the 1980s to tube tops and spaghetti straps of the ‘90s, if you’ve got it in your closet, wear it!

Margie Crumpton says don’t be afraid to play around with exquisite statement pieces or show off those abs you’ve been working on. This is the year of pulling back while simultaneously going all in. Check the runways and build your new wardrobe.