Letter to the Editor: Cecilia Gallelli-Keyes

Letter to the Editor: Cecilia Gallelli-Keyes

Cecilia Gallelli-Keyes

I want to express my gratitude to the community and the Ocean City School District for my time spent serving all of you as a Board member since 2014.

During my tenure, we made tons of monumental progress and achieved state and national accolades.

While it will be disappointing to no longer have a direct hand in that work, I will never stop being a strong voice for the community and an advocate for the children of our community.

I would like to congratulate the newly elected board members. I wish them nothing but success and I am hopeful that they will carry on the work that we have been doing and be a voice for ALL students of this district. My wish for them is to try and close the gap of division and bring peace and unity among the board and the community.

I will continue to be actively involved in public affairs in any way that I can, if not in public office, doing what I do best: championing kids, being honest and working on behalf of the community to ensure that their values and interests are heard and listened to by those in public office.

For over 15 years, I have put my heart and soul into this community and its people through my positions as PTA President, Board Member on the Ocean City Education Foundation, and as an Ocean City School Board Member. I’m very proud of my work through all these prominent educational organizations because I lead with compassion, integrity, and common sense, in order to best serve our students, families, teachers, taxpayers, and community.

I will always care for Ocean City, the welfare of the children of this community and doing what is right. While my time on the School Board has come to an end, I am hopeful for the future and know that my work with this community is far from over.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and trusted me to be a voice for this district. I am eternally grateful, and my heart has been filled with love and accomplishment.


Cecilia Gallelli-Keyes