Hooked on Houses: The Patriotic Perch- A Tribute to American Heroes

Hooked on Houses: The Patriotic Perch- A Tribute to American Heroes


Typically, we choose our house, but in this case, the house chose the Weckerly Family. Situated on the open bay, the family purchased the renovated old boat house 5 years ago.  However, what now makes this purchase even more special is the responsibility and honor that has been bestowed upon the historic home and its residents. Thanks to determination of Bob and Wendy Weckerly, their house is now charged with the duty and more importantly the honor of both caring for and keeping watch over the massive flag pole towering above the Great Egg Coast Guard Station.

On June 26th members of the United Stated States Coast Guard, including newly appointed Commander Taylor Smith, were present as members of the Weckerly and Foy families dedicated the flag pole in memory of their fathers John “Jack” Foy and B. Joseph Weckerly. The men were members of the Coast Guard and the Marines. Jack was corporal in the Marines from 1954-1957 and served in the Korean War.  Joe was a Fire Controlman 3rd Class in the Coast Guard from 1942-1946.  A plaque bearing their names and dates of service now adorns the side of the newly restored pole.

As all things in life happen for a reason, this home purchase was truly meant to be. Both men had a love for the ocean, the salt air, being on or near the water, and above all their families.  Wendy felt her dad would be proud that she was overseeing this landmark in his honor, watching over his legacy from her front porch.  Bob said his dad grew up coming to Ocean City, and always admired the members of the local Coast Guard station and more importantly he met the love of his life right here on the boardwalk. He would to have been thrilled to know he was being honored by his fellow comrades at the station.

This families roots now run deeper in Ocean City with this new memorial in honor of their fathers, true American heroes.

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