Habibat Tinubu Discusses the Latest in Chiropractic News

Habibat Tinubu Discusses the Latest in Chiropractic News

Habibat Tinubu

Habibat Tinubu is a Los Angeles County business owner and Doctor of Chiropractic medicine. In the following article, Habibat Tinubu discusses recent news from the industry.

The understanding and utilization of chiropractic treatments are constantly evolving as new research methods are integrated into patient care. As the new year is underway, there are several exciting developments in the field, such as new bills that incorporate chiropractic treatment into workers’ compensation care, or research grants that aim to offer new, opioid-free solutions to pain relief.

New Million Dollar Research Grant

Habibat Tinubu reports that the Indiana University School of Medicine and Regenstrief Institute have been granted a $1.5 million grant to research the disparities in pain relief care offered to African American patients with comorbid chronic pain and depression. This research seeks to offer alternatives to opioid pain relief, instead offering coaching and chiropractic treatment as a solution.

Habibat Tinubu explains that the primary aim of the research is to encourage patients to participate in their new treatment, becoming an active part of the process and removing the reliance on medicinal pain relief. Appointments with a chiropractor are being suggested as an effective drug-free alternative to pain management. Such methods have previously been trialed in the researchers’ work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, resulting in great success.

Addressing the racial disparity in pain relief care is another issue being discussed among various studies. Research has also sought to emphasize the relationship between chronic pain and depression, as well as the impact depression has on a patient’s ability to communicate with medical professionals and remain motivated throughout the treatment process.

Oregon Bill

House Bill 3150 could have significant benefits for chiropractors in Oregon, if it’s approved. The bill seeks to expand the variety of medical providers who can be included in workers’ compensation claims. If the bill is successful, chiropractors will be included in the list of qualified medical professionals who can tend to patients as part of their medical treatment after a workplace injury.

Habibat Tinubu adds that chiropractors would no longer have to belong to a managed care organization in order to perform a patient’s compensation care. All that is required is proof of prior treatment, such as having the employee’s medical records on file and the documents pertaining to previous appointments.

Additionally, the bill would allow managed care organizations to authorize medical treatment from chiropractors. Disability pay could also be provided for longer periods, depending on the severity of the employee’s injury. This would work in conjunction with Bill 418, which decreed that employers could no longer force employees to take vacation days or sick leave to attend appointments relating to their compensable injury.

Increased Focus on Integrative Care

Multiple studies in 2022 focused on switching to whole-person integrative care, with huge success. Instead of acute disease treatment, integrative care incorporates self-care and non-drug treatments, such as chiropractic sessions, into a patient’s treatment program.

Not only did these studies see reduced medical costs, but there were also significant improvements in both staff and patient mental well-being. Habibat Tinubu says that this personal, relationship-based form of treatment differs significantly from previous, more transactional forms of patient care. As such, many hospitals are eager to incorporate integrative care into their treatment plans going into 2023.

Habibat Tinubu

Advice for Back Pain Post-COVID-19

More people are returning to their offices as COVID-19 measures are eased globally. This means a return to standard desk set-ups that are not tailored to each individual’s comfort and support needs.

Habibat Tinubu says that everyone, from those with mild, infrequent back pain, to people diagnosed with sciatica, could benefit from the advice offered by Catherine Quinn, the president of the British Chiropractic Association. While some of the advice may appear simple, such as exercising regularly and stretching the shoulders and lower back hourly, the reduction in back pain is significant.

Quinn stipulates that basic movement on a regular basis has a considerable impact on the body. A walk across the office to collect paperwork or refill a mug of coffee can ease stiffness in joints and allow people to readjust their posture.

Habibat Tinubu says that as everyday life returns to normal, its pace can seem to rapidly increase. This reduces the time people have for exercise and self-care, so small adjustments are the key to maintaining a healthy, pain-free back.

Final Thoughts

Throughout 2023, there are sure to be many new developments in the understanding of chiropractic treatment as these new practices are incorporated into patient care and further research is funded.