Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Liberty Coca-Cola Announce New Partnership

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Liberty Coca-Cola Announce New Partnership

Gillian's Wonderland Pier is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. (Wonderland Pier Facebook page)

Gillian’s Wonderland Pier announced a new 10-year partnership with local bottler Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages, making it the exclusive beverage provider at the Ocean City family amusement park. 

The new partnership also comes at a significant time for Gillian’s Wonderland Pier as it celebrates its 90th anniversary this season.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with our local Coca-Cola bottler, especially as we kick off our 90th anniversary season,” said Jay Gillian, owner of Gillian’s Wonderland Pier and also the mayor of Ocean City. “Coca-Cola has had a presence in Ocean City for years, and they are a valued community partner. At Gillian’s, we want to work with brands who love Ocean City as much as we do.”

Both organizations see the partnership as a natural fit. Each is locally-owned, and both brands conjure images of wholesome family-friendly fun, according to a press release announcing the partnership.

“Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is nearly synonymous with Ocean City,” said Mike Zeller, general manager of the Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages Marmora facility. “And when people think of Coca-Cola, they think of family, fun, and memorable moments. Gillian’s provides the same experience to their guests, and now we can help enhance those experiences.”

Bringing Coca-Cola products into the park is also a forward-thinking strategy for Gillian’s. As the company enters its 90th year, leadership wanted to think of ways to celebrate the company’s history, while also planning for its future. They believe the Coca-Cola brand will help drive more of the thousands of annual Ocean City Boardwalk visitors into its pier.

“Coke is a brand that is able to cross markets and drive traffic,” Gillian said. “And they’re also a company that is committed to supporting and giving back to the communities it does business in, which is important to us as we enter our ninth decade and look to keep Gillian’s Wonderland Pier a major destination in America’s Greatest Family Resort for decades to come.”

Gillian’s will offer Coca-Cola products, including both sparkling and non-sparkling beverages, at all of its fountains and kiosks beginning Palm Sunday weekend, when the park officially opens for 2019.

The new partnership will also extend beyond product supply and delivery. Liberty Coca-Cola, Beverages, which has been providing Ocean City residents, families and business with their great products for more than 40 years, will also support various Gillian’s events, including this year’s Wonder Bear birthday celebration on June 6.