Declan Birmingham on The Benefits of Becoming an Eagle Scout For College...

Declan Birmingham on The Benefits of Becoming an Eagle Scout For College Applicants

Declan Birmingham Evanston

As an Eagle Scout, Declan Birmingham is part of a relatively short list of young adults who have reached this premier scout status. Knowing that competition for college admission at top schools is as fierce as ever, Declan Birmingham credits his parents for encouraging him to pursue Eagle Scout status. Millions upon millions of students apply for college rosters each year, and admission offices are always looking for ways in which one application stands out from another. Anyone affiliated with the Scouts should know that becoming an Eagle Scout can greatly help them pursue college acceptance. While achieving this premier status is not easy, Declan Birmingham notes it is well worth the effort when a dream school becomes a reality.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank of achievement in the Scouts BSA. Admission offices that see that a young adult achieved Eagle Scout rank understand that person had to progress through six other ranks to receive their current status. Only 8 percent of people who join the BSA go on to become Eagle Scout, with the biggest reason being the amount of time and dedication it takes to accumulate the achievements required to reach this elite rank. Anyone who achieves the rank of Eagle Scout and produces a great GPA in their schoolwork shows an incredible ability to manage their time. Balancing schoolwork, a social life, potentially a sport, and BSA responsibilities is a tall task. Colleges want to know that their applicants are committed to their school and education. Every Eagle Scout has proven their commitment.

Declan Birmingham is grateful for the Eagle Scouts who came before him. Previous generations have shown higher education admission offices that Eagle Scouts can be trusted to take the skills they learned in the Scouts and apply them to enhance their college community. Because so much of the doctrine of an Eagle Scout revolves around community involvement, Eagle Scouts frequently take leadership roles within their college’s student government or local charitable organizations. A reputation for service is one that is extremely appealing to those that review college applications. Their job is to get a sense for who a student is and how they could potentially strengthen their college. An Eagle Scout has a line on their resume that clearly indicates their character and abilities.

Extracurricular activities on a college application are often judged based on the commitment level of a student. For example, a guidance counselor who tells a senior that they need to sign up for a few extracurricular activities to build up their resume is apparent to the seasoned application reviewer. Rather than trying to stuff the stat sheet at the end of a high school career, students who have shown a steady commitment to their activity of a choice are much more appealing to colleges.

Of course, Declan Birmingham believes that an Eagle Scout designation is far from the only important factor on a college application. The Eagle Scout rank is impressive, with a strong GPA, a great SAT score, and a college essay that wows. The higher the caliber of the college institution, the higher the competition to get accepted. Declan Birmingham recommends that any student with aspirations of acceptance in a great school consider the benefits of earning the rank of Eagle Scout. It won’t be easy, but the rewards can be well worth the effort.